Teq BlocksProject-based learning for every learning environment

Teq’s family of “Block” products are technology-centric, do-anywhere activities that engage students in every aspect of the learning process.

Teq Blocks

Explore our solutions for immersive, hands-on learning.

From project-based learning, to tutorial videos and at-home lessons and activities, our solutions range from simple to robust. There’s a Block for every learning situation — and every learning environment.

What do all our products have in common? They’re all about providing immersive learning experiences for students, no matter where they are learning from. Because students learn best when they are active participants in their learning, especially when it comes to STEM subjects.

Product Training

Teq pBlocksIntroductory product primer videos to get you started with your new piece of edtech.


Example pBlock - watch

Learn the ins and outs of your new STEM and edtech products with our fun, tutorial videos. We'll cover what it is, how it works, and equip you and your students to use it. These videos are made with both teachers and students in mind, so you can watch them yourself, send them home, or watch as a group.

OTIS for educators
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Immersive Learning

Teq pBlocksRobust PBL activities that guide students through the journey of the Engineering Design Process.

iBlocks are similar to sBlocks, but they take an sBlocks’ Scope and Sequence and flesh it out into an extended and robust PBL solution. An iBlock (or instructional block) is customizable to your school/district needs, but it’s always driven by the Engineering Design Process.

An iBlock engages students as they design and build towards a tangible outcome — the capstone project that pulls together all of their research, planning, and testing into a finished product.

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Lesson Activities

Teq-tivitiesTie it all together with Tech-tivities, our lesson activity examples.

It’s all connected. Whether you start with a Tech-tivity and learn from there, or start with a course on OTIS for educators and grab an associated lesson resource, there is always a next step.

Tech-tivities are walkthroughs of lesson activity examples. Each Tech-tivity is associated with a specific OTIS course, explains all the teacher technology skills needed, and includes a free downloadable lesson activity plan.

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Teq-tivities by Teq Blocks

Product Activities

STEM Activity Packs

STEM doesn’t have to end at the school door.

Putting STEM products in the hands of each student adds hours of student-led math, science, and CS activities to your distance learning program.
Our STEM product activity packs make STEM education easy, no matter where students are learning from. First, choose your product. Second, pick your level of support. Tie your STEM Activity Pack to some of our award-winning PD, explore how our Teq-tivities and PBL solutions can help make learning come to life, or get virtual one-to-one coaching.

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Activity Pack 2

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Activity Pack 3

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Activity Pack 4

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