“Have you heard the BUZZ?” What’s New in the SMART Learning Suite 16.1

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There’s quite a bit of buzz here at Teq and that’s because SMART released the latest version of their learning suite, 16.1 earlier this week! There are several new features that we have already had a taste of and we are excited to now share them with you!

SMART lab:

In addition to the already engaging activities in SMART lab, a new activity called Monster Quiz has been added. This allows students work in teams to answer quiz questions on their devices in order to hatch monsters from eggs! The graphics are aesthetically appealing and the entire game is animated! There are also new themes for rank order and super sort, such as basketball and pirates!Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.23.06 AM


Now you can engage the whole class with lab activities by using handouts to connect student devices! Each student can join with a code and play the activity at their own pace on a variety of devices such as their phones, tablets, or computers. In order to create this code for students to access lab activities more easily signing in with a Google or Microsoft account is now required. This allows the activity code to be assigned to the teacher’s account so that students no longer have to type in a different code each time they go to classlab.com, making it a persistent activity code. This should help students connect to activities faster.

SMART Response 2:

One of my favorite new features in the new response version is that activity results can be exported in Excel format with detailed student data! This makes tracking students progress that much easier! There are also new question formats such as short answer, multi-answer, and opinion. Although these new features make Response that much easier and advantageous to use, it is important to note that after installing the new software, the original SMART Response will no longer be available. However, your old questions should mostly automatically convert.

Tune in this morning to watch our free course on the new features in SMART Learning Suite 16.1 at 10AM! We will show you how to use Monster quiz, Handouts, SMART Response, and more!


You can also sign up for our new SMART Learning Suite Certification course starting in September. Follow the link below for more information!

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