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Increasing student achievement by improving teacher performance

Personal Development & Professional Growth

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For years, we have advocated the benefits of a professional development model that keeps teachers in the classroom. We provide professional development that’s innovative, contextual for educators, and provides support for both curriculum and technology.

All of our professional development addresses the integration of Common Core State Standards and National Content Area Standards, with a focus on

  • Providing best practices to optimize the outcomes of online and blended instruction
  • Helping to create rich, data-driven environments that support and bolster each student's unique learning style
  • Working with teachers to review and plan lessons based on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles
  • Integrating research-based design principles and solutions into curriculum
  • Understanding and leveraging the benefits of technology, and creating dynamic learning spaces

A professional development partnership with Teq can reduce or eliminate the expense of hiring
substitute teachers.

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Professional Development Catalog

You can also review our list of customizable professional development courses and workshops. We've created these courses from the components of our embedded PD model. Courses can be conducted at your school or you can attend at one of our locations.

This was the best PD we have had in a very long time. Many useful ideas, very informative, and well presented.”

—Joseph, Rocco Laurie Intermediate School

Teq Online PDOur online professional development program offers over 150 courses of live, web-based PD. It focuses on the most important technology integration challenges facing teachers.

Teq has been working with the Archdiocese of New York on a targeted plan to increase student achievement in math.

We’re teachers too.

Our Instructional Technology Specialists and Curriculum Specialists are K – 12 state-certified educators. They are full-time employees and subject matter experts. These educational professionals study best practices, analyze new methods, understand how to integrate technology, and have a passion for teaching. Contact the team

Google Apps for Education

Teq is a Google Apps for Education certified training organization. If you are already using them, or would like to start, we can show you how Google Apps for Education can aid collaboration and improve the efficiency of academic tasks.

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Huntington Station, NY 11746
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