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Robotics and coding for all options from screen-free to 3D VR. Kai’s Education includes mixed reality robotics and coding designed to enhance inclusive STEAM opportunities for all learners.

Kai’s Education offers a collaborative coding experience where physical and virtual worlds merge to become an interactive learning playground.


With KaiBot, coding is for everyone.
This highly accessible robot democratizes coding for K-8 students of all abilities and includes features such as:

Kai's Education Kaibot
  • Coding to fit a range of needs from screen-free to immersive virtual environment

  • Compatible with Blockly, Python, and Swift

  • Tactile coding options for accessibility

  • Multilingual support (including English and Spanish

  • Immediate debug feedback

Screen-free coding cards

KaiBot uses an innovative downward facing camera to read coding tiles. This is the perfect way to teach foundation skills at varying levels of difficulty.

  • Physical Cards – Use with KaiBot to read and record information, place the robot on the run card and watch your program go! Available in Braille.

  • Digital Cards – Download and print for free. Each card features instructions on the reverse side.

Screen-free coding cards


Take KaiBot virtual with this 3D simulation program that mirrors KaiBot’s movements in a virtual world. Students can solve puzzles and mazes; play hide and seek; experience escape rooms; or use the level build to build custom adventures. Standard and Lite versions (for mobile devices) available.

  • Customize, Personalize & Strategize – Customize with emojis, accessories, and skins. Mirror virtual and physical bot looks.

  • Code ‘n Play with friends – Invite up to five friends to race against the clock or solve a challenge. Play in teams or go head-to-head.

Kais Clan

Kai’s Clan

Teach coding, robotics, AR, VR, and the Internet of Things (IoT) in one easy-to-use web platform that works seamlessly on just about any device. Prepare students grades 5-12 for the future and impact of technology on society and industry with this mixed reality experience.

Product Packs

Kai’s Clan Classroom Pack
12 robot pack

Kai’s Clan Start Pack
robot pack

Kai’s Clan Booster Bots
4 pack

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