The Piper Computer Kit is a hands-on STEAM learning experience which allows children to learn computer science, electronics, and coding while building and using a fully functioning computer.

Assemble the computer’s hardware using the Piper Computer Kit’s engineering blueprint, then learn STEAM concepts in Piper’s custom-built software.

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Learning by Building

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Piper encourages tinkering and hands-on learning. Innovative, intuitive, and powerfully educational – the Piper Computer Kit gives learners an accessible way to connect with technology and develop crucial twenty-first century skills. All learners are empowered by self-directed exploration to unleash their curiosity and unlock the potential of STEAM.


Build a working computer using diagrams on a blueprint.


Discover circuitry and electronics concepts in StoryMode by completing levels in Piper’s custom-designed Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft.


Learn to code by completing foundational physical computing projects in PiperCode.


Extend understanding with design thinking by exploring creative games, projects, hackathons, and design challenges.


Deconstruct the Piper Computer Kit, reflect on the experience, and explore the context of computing systems.

Piper Computer Kit

The Piper Computer Kit includes everything needed to introduce students to computer science, electronics, and coding. Build your own fully functional computer and explore STEAM through Piper’s StoryMode using the Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft, and PiperCode using Google’s Blockly. The Piper Computer Kit is recommended for ages 8+.

Piper Classroom Bundle

The Piper Classroom Bundle is the ideal project-based learning solution for teaching computer science and STEAM. This bundle includes 10 Piper Computer Kits, a Spare Parts Kit, and 10-port USB charger, which ensures teachers are supported in the classroom. Also, this bundle includes the Piper Premium Curriculum that includes 20+ STEAM lesson plans, assessments, student hand-outs, vocabulary, and instructional resources. This bundle promises low-lift implementation for educators while maximizing impact for students.