Makey Makey is an invention kit that tricks your computer into thinking that almost anything is a keyboard.

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Makey Makey is an invention kit that tricks your computer into thinking that almost anything is a keyboard. This allows you to hook up all kinds of fun things as an input. This means in no time your students will be creating game controllers, inventing musical instruments, and making voting machines and light-up paper circuits.
Makey Makey uses high resistance switching to detect when you’ve made a connection even through materials that aren’t very conductive (like leaves, pasta, or people). The Makey Makey can also act like a keyboard or mouse, allowing students to get inventive with their creations. It’s a great way to teach circuitry, and is an easy tool to integrate with other subjects, topics, and STEM solutions.

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Did you know you can use your Makey Makey to teach Earth and Space Systems and Visual Arts? Check out our lesson plan to learn about a great cross-curricular way to integrate Makey Makey in the classroom.

Makey Makey Solar System

  • Using cardboard, styrofoam, paint, glue, and copper tape, create a model of the solar system. Independent strips of copper tape should represent each planet's path around the Sun.
  • Go to and create a new project that contains audio recordings that briefly describe each of the planets. Code your project so each audio recording is triggered by a different keyboard function.
  • Remap your Makey Makey Classic at to match the code you've created.
  • Attach an alligator clip from its keyboard identifier on the Makey Makey to the corresponding copper tape for each of the planets. Give students time to present and explain their completed project.

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