SMART Business, SMART Boards.

SMART Board Interactive Displays enable more productive and effective collaboration, leading to faster business results.


SMART Board interactive displays enable more productive and effective collaboration, leading to faster business results.

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Versatile tools for efficient and productive meetings

SMART Boards elevate digital collaboration and enhance work to let teams share and mark up all kinds of content including PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and more, improving meeting outcomes.

Connects devices, content, and ideas

SMART Boards integrate with your existing digital platforms and provide dynamic digital workspaces, allowing employees to connect their devices, digital tools, and content so they can collaborate together from any location.

A simpler user experience

SMART Boards recognize multiple pens, touches, gestures, and objects without needing to use a tool selection menu, allowing employees to walk up and start using the Boards right away without any prior training.

SMART Boards undergo quality and durability testing and are manufactured to meet world-leading safety, energy, and regulatory compliance standards.

Displays, software, and accessories that work for your environment, needs, and budget.

The MX Pro series has all of the essentials businesses need, plus easy-to-use software that makes adoption of the MX Pro Series easy – and fits your budget.
Object awareness™ allows users to write with a pen, use fingers to move or select an object, and erase notes with their palm without needing to use a tool selection menu
Pen ID™ recognition automatically makes pens write in different colors on the display.
SMART ink™ software writes over any file type and annotate over multiple tabs of a browser, Word docs, PDFs, PowerPoint, and more, all using simple intuitive tools that appear on the screen
Certified by ENERGY STAR to save energy, lowering your total cost of ownership.
Built-in Android™ computing with automatic updates. Includes automatic wireless updates and one-touch access to software, collaboration tools, apps, web browsing, and more, without the need to plug in additional hardware
Simultaneous Tool Differentiation allows employees to write, erase, or move notes on the display at the same time, without interrupting or affecting other people working on the display
Other Great Features:
High quality 15W speakers  
Integrated WIFI  
Remote control  
Wall mount  
3-year SMART Warranty with advanced hardware replacement  
Remote Device Management Subscription included  
SMART Meeting Pro and TeamWorks Software  

Collaborate better with SMART Software

SMART Meeting Pro® Room edition software:

This software allows colleagues to create and capture ideas in a virtually unlimited interactive and digital workspace. The workspace expands as you add images, files, links, and notes to it, and can even be extended over multiple displays and meetings, enhancing collaboration.

SMART TeamWorks™ subscription:

With one-touch meeting launch, a connected whiteboard, wireless screen sharing, and PDF summaries, SMART TeamWorks™ is your end-to-end collaboration solution. The whiteboard lets teams interact with all sorts of dynamic content, and remote team members can add notes and files as easily as their colleagues in the room.

SMART Remote Management

Any device. Any location. Push updates. Send messages. Run diagnostics. SMART Remote Management lets education and business administrators maintain, control and secure devices from any web browser. Designed to centrally manage iOS®, Android™, Chrome OS™ and Windows® devices, and SMART Board® displays with iQ – SMART Remote Management is your one-stop solution.