Increase student engagement, improve teacher effectiveness, and maximize academic success with Audio Enhancement Systems.


With multiple options and upgrade paths, schools have the freedom to choose the solution that best fit their classrooms.

Teq offers 3 Audio Enhancement options – the complete Sentinel XD System, Speaker Kit System, and the BEAM Speaker and Amplifier.

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A teacher’s voice can often get loss over distance in addition to your typical classroom noise. By using voice enhancement Teachers can increase student engagement and build confidence.

Teachers can speak in a nurturing voice, so students won’t feel overloaded which encourages them to pay attention

Students are more engaged in the learning process resulting in greater class participation

Audio Enhancement can carry a teacher’s voice throughout the classroom evenly despite noise and/or distance thus increasing teacher effectiveness by maintaining dynamic classroom management.

Establish clear, precise instruction that can be heard over disturbances outside and inside the classroom. Resulting in fewer repeated instructions allowing for more instructional time Spend more time teaching and less time on management of students

Audio Enhancement Systems are sound amplification systems proven to enhance classroom interaction and student outcomes, while lowering teacher stress and absences.

Amplify Teacher Voice
Teachers can now speak in their natural soothing voice. Resulting in reduced fatigue, stress, and absences.

Maximize Academic Success
Studies have shown a 10% gain in achievement test scores and on-task behavior in just the first year of using Audio Enhancement.

When students struggle to hear the lesson, they often miss key principles for understanding. Audio solutions distribute the teacher’s voice evenly throughout the classroom so all students hear at the same sound decibel, no matter where they are sitting.

Evenly and Clearly Distribute Sound
Whether you’re in the front or the back of the room, all students hear clearly.

Optimize Your Classroom
Excellence no longer requires a front row seat.

Speaker Kits

XD SoloSolution

*This item is designed for maximum portability, but is not on wheels

BEAM Speaker and Amplifier

Sentinel XD System

XD Mic360

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