Lü transforms traditional school environments into immersive and interactive spaces using a vast catalog of purposeful activities and world-class audiovisual equipment.

Lü breaks the boundaries of your traditional physical education program — and your gym.


Lü is a smart space that understands in real time the behaviors and interactions of people within it. Using the information coming from ceiling mounted 3D cameras, we can drive games and tools projected on the wall. We also integrate synchronized lighting and sound effects for a better immersion, in real time.
Lü is available in the following configurations: ÜNO and DÜO. ÜNO consists of one interactive wall. DÜO is the combination of two connected ÜNO facing each other for a larger playground.

Permanent single wall configuration. Each ÜNO configuration consists of 3 pre-assembled modules to be rigged to the ceiling: camera, light and sound, and projection.


Permanent double wall configuration. DÜO makes for the ultimate Lü experience. It is made of two ÜNO kits facing each other and synced together to allow multiplayer gameplay on a larger playground. Combine two UNO in a DUO configuration for a full scale space made of two interactive walls.


Portable single wall configuration. The Lü MOBILE consists of 5 modules: main module, two lights brackets and two speakers.


Video game and physical activity: Lü combines the best of both worlds! Our immersive educational content and interactive, responsive gameplay create an engaging experience for students.


We know that the use of premises is a critical issue for most of our clients. Investing in Lü is investing in a system that can multiply the value of a room by making it easily transformable and thus allow multiple uses. The whole system launches awesome games, but components can be combined otherwise to serve different purposes; the lighting system will enhance a disco party or create a nice cocktail environment. Projectors can present films or online content, or could even be used as giant interactive timers.


Who said mathematics should only be taught while seated in a classroom? By integrating interactive learning lessons and pedagogical games, Lü transforms the way kids learn by offering a new active approach where multiple skills are developed at the same time.

Tailored games for the gym

The system comes with all the available games at the moment of purchase and all upcoming games for a period of 12 months after the installation date. Those games can be discovered online at play-lu.com/applications

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Self-Paced Learning Environments

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Large scale projection system

5500 lumens WXGA projector protected in a custom enclosure, rigged to the ceiling at 18 ft (5.5m).

Interactive lighting and sound system

The light module comes with 6x 200w LED PAR to manage the ambiant lighting and general colors, 2x Robotised LED light fixtures for special light effects and a powerful 2000 watts sound system.

3D Camera and realtime processing

Ball detection on the wall is possible through our 3D camera system. Only rigging this camera to the ceiling makes all the magic happens. No need for any technology integration on the wall itself.