Flex Farms are easily deployable, vertical hydroponic farming systems that make growing simple, efficient, and engaging.

Discover the power of fresh, accessible food and empower a community Flex Farm of advocate growers.

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Discover the power of fresh, accessible food and empower a community Flex Farm of advocate growers.

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Discover Flex Farms

Flex Farms are carefully designed to create an optimal indoor growing environment while being highly resource efficient. They’re portable, only require a standard electrical outlet, and are less than 10 square feet of space. Each year, a Flex Farm can grow over 394 pounds of fresh, healthy food!

Farming is for everyone

Growing hydroponically is a powerful teaching tool. Students can learn about STEM, nutrition, sustainability, and global citizenship. Growing fresh food provides a unique, hands-on experience and empowers students to think creatively while engaging with their communities.

Everything you need to get growing
Every Flex Farm comes with:

Self-contained water system
Energy efficient LED tower
Submersible pump
Grower toolkit
Growing Supply Kit

Flex Farm Fun Facts

Made in the USA and easily assembled in less than 20 minutes.
The panels are dishwasher safe, and the entire system has only 1 mechanical part.
Flex Farms were designed to protect against agricultural-based food safety concerns and prevent algae growth.
Flex Farms can be turned into Flex Connect when multiple Flex Farms are linked together under a single, centralized watering system.
Fork Farms | Flex Farms Specifications

Want to see it in action?

Growing Supplies

Supplies Box - Annual

Each Fork Farm comes with a year’s supply. You can purchase annual renewals at your convenience. Each annual bundle includes:


Nutrient A
Nutrient B
pH Down
pH Up


Genovese basil
Green Star lettuce
Costal Star romaine
Cherokee Summer Crisp lettuce
Rex Butterhead lettuce
Green Forest romaine lettuce