Innovative, simple, and versatile digital signage products and solutions that ensure your message is communicated clearly to students anywhere in the building.


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Vue LED Video Wall

Communicate your message in vivid color and wow your students with a big, memorable viewing experience. The video walls feature PixelGuard™ technology, which acts as protective covering over the screen.

Whether you need a single LED display for a small space or multiple displays to create a large-scale immersive experience—LED video walls deliver display solutions that are scalable, bright, high-performing, and flexible.

Clear Digital Evo Lite, Mobile Digital Signage Display System

Clear Digital™ Evo™ Roll is a 40” battery-powered, mobile HD display that ensures your message is communicated with vivid detail, brightness, and color. Impact and water-resistant, the Evo Lite is designed to withstand whatever situation you throw it into, whether indoors or outdoors.

The displays offer the perfect blend of digital capabilities and unrivaled ease of use. Simply connect a USB and you are up and running!

Clear Digital Gel Station

The Clear Digital Gel Station is a touchless sanitizing station with a 21.5” full HD LED screen that lets you provide messages to students and connect with your audience while protecting their health.

Clear Touch Huddle Camera

The Huddle Camera is an all-in-one, video conferencing camera with a beam-forming mic array and audio soundbar. The Huddle Camera allows educators to deliver lessons clearly and with remarkable clarity to students in class or at home.

Clear Digital Webcams, Web Camera to Enable Remote Learning.

Clear Digital Web Cameras enable educators to deliver high quality lessons to students whether they’re physically in the classroom or at home. The camera is compatible with most tripods and can be installed on top of a display.

Clear Digital Document Camera

With the Clear Touch document camera, teachers can now project any object or text clearly to the entire classroom. It also enables the teacher to present hands-free, allowing for more engagement.