Lumio lets teachers transform lessons into active, collaborative learning experiences to engage students on their devices, wherever they are.


Transform static content into interactive experiences with the world’s best lesson delivery, assessment, collaborative workspace and game-based learning software suite.

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Spark active learning by delivering SMART Notebook® lessons to every student device. Lumio is a cloud-based, flexible learning platform allowing teachers to access and deliver lessons anywhere, anytime, to any student device including on Chromebooks.

Easily access and distribute lesson material and activities to students, saving valuable class time.

Leverages existing content in SMART Notebook lessons, including interactive content.

Increases student engagement by fostering active participation and learning.

Insert pre-prepared or spontaneous lab and response activities to gauge student understanding and provide valuable insight for teachers.

How it works:

Create and deliver hands-on, collaborative learning experiences with the SMART Learning Suite.

Includes SMART Notebook, SMART Lab, SMART Response, and Lumio software.

The flexibility you need to succeed.

Front of the room instruction, student-led learning, project based learning and flipped classroom initiatives are all enhanced by SMART Learning Suite. Any grade level, any subject.

Easy to use, easy to adopt.

Educators can easily and quickly create dynamic, interactive, fun and engaging content. In less than five minutes, lessons that will wow students are ready. Plus, access to ongoing support is there every step of the way.

Ready for the future.

As a leading education technology company, SMART works closely with educators and thought-leaders in the field to ensure each new release addresses the needs of educators, for today and the future.

Formative assessments.

Get a real-time assessment of students’ understanding with question sets that they can answer on any device.

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Introduction to Lumio

Lumio, formerly know as SMART Learning Suite Online (SLS) gives teachers a place to create classroom activities, assessments, and enhance archived lessons to extend learning. Join us as we walk through Lumio features that will help you to add an interactive spin to your static lessons that will spark engagement in your students.

The world’s premiere education software, SMART Notebook facilitates interactive learning experiences while providing the flexibility to respond to the needs of learners in real-time.

Interact with lessons from an iPad

SMART Notebook Maestro lets you control Notebook lessons from your iPad.

YouTube® add-on

Search YouTube directly within Notebook by opening the add-on. Once you find a video you want, add it to your lesson and resize it for your workspace.

Free lesson resources

SMART Exchange houses 60,000+ free resources and connects you to a community of educators. Access it directly from Notebook.

Math-specific tools: Geogebra

Geogebra provides powerful tools for all grade levels, including easy equation editing, 55,000+ math objects and activities for geometry, algebra, calculus and statistics.


SMART response 2 is a quick and easy way to conduct formative assessments. Access it from Notebook with one click.

SMART Document Camera integration

Turn everyday objects into captivating digital images that students can write on and move with their hands.

Record your lesson

SMART Notebook Recorder allows you to record your lesson, so students can replay it to.

Create lessons in minutes

SMART lab has an array of customizable activities and themes. It’s fun, engaging and you can access it from Notebook with one click.

The greatest gift we can give teachers is time. For students, it’s more fun, engaging activities. SMART lab does both by letting teachers quickly create game-based learning activities.

Create engaging activities in 5 minutes

There are many activities, with more being developed all the time. Plus, there are a variety of themes you can match each activity with to keep them fresh and engaging!

A formative assessment software for use on student devices.Create a question set to complement your lesson in under 5 minutes.

Quick and easy formative assessment for use on student devices.

What better way to ensure student success than to instantly see how well they’ve understood a lesson? Create a question set to complement your lesson in just a few minutes. Students answer the questions on their desktop computers, laptops, tablets or phones. Teachers get an instant report (in a pie graph or word cloud), as well as the ability to export those results.

Lumio lets teachers transform lessons into active, collaborative learning experiences to engage students on their devices, wherever they are.

Easy Access to Lesson Materials

Enables easy access and distribution of lesson material and activities to students whether they’re physically in the classroom or at home, saving valuable class time.

Create Interactive Lessons

Transform your PDFs, Google Slides, and PowerPoint files into lessons with interactive activities, games, group workspaces, and assessment tools.

Combine Different File Types

Teachers can select and combine the specific pages they want from each individual file, creating their ideal lesson and allowing lessons to flow seamlessly from start to finish.

Teacher & Student Led Learning

Teachers can switch from teacher-paced to student-paced and back again at any time during lesson delivery, providing the flexibility to seamlessly switch between synchronous or asynchronous learning.

Integration with Google & Microsoft

Lumio fully integrates with G-Suite and Microsoft Teams, allowing teachers to use Lumio with Google and Teams tools and workflows. Single sign is available with any Google or Microsoft account.

Ready Made Activities & Templates

Insert game-based learning and formative assessment activities, graphic organizers, manipulatives, shout it out activities, ready-made resources, and more, to streamline lesson creation.

Project Based Learning

Includes individual handouts and collaborative workspaces to allow students to work on projects individually or in groups from anywhere.

Monitor Student Participation

Student attribution allows teachers to monitor and evaluate individual student’s work, providing them with insight to learning while increasing student accountability.