Ozobot enables students to learn robotics and programming with a hands-on approach.

They’re appropriate for all skill and grade levels from K–12, and are a great tool to get students out of their chairs and collaborating with each other as they learn by doing.

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With the stroke of a marker, students draw color codes that the Ozobots respond to. By experimenting with different combinations of these codes, students control the movement and trajectory of their robots — all while learning the fundamentals of coding. Students can also build upon the knowledge learned from using the color codes and use the OzoBlockly coding editor to further their skills to block-based coding.
Ozobot is a small smart robot that is programmable through drawn lines and color codes or through the easy-to-use OzoBlockly block-based coding editor. Students of all skill and grade levels from K–12 will learn robotics and programming with a hands-on approach.
Across K–12 subjects and regardless of classroom computer resources, Ozobot is an engaging and powerful tool that seamlessly supports lessons ranging from math and science to art and literature.
Evo reads lines and OzoCodes, can be programmed with OzoBlockly, and responds to remote control commands via a companion app. Evo has optical sensors, like Bit, but also has proximity sensors for detecting obstacles such as a child’s hand. Other Evo features include additional LED lights and expressive sounds. These features are programmable within OzoBlockly, making Evo a more advanced learning tool ideal for students in grades 6-12.

Ozobot Color Codes

Color Codes are commands you draw with markers that tell Evo what to do. When Ozobot detects unique sequences on colors, it is pre-programmed to perform different actions or change behavior.

Ozobot Classroom Kit

Everything you need to bring Ozobot into your classroom in one box. The Evo Classroom Kits come with 12-18 robots, guides, student handouts, accessories, and everything you need to introduce Ozobot’s two ways to code to your students. Both kits are for grades K-12 and offer an affordable, portable way to teach coding, computer science, math, art, history, and other subjects that extend beyond STEM.

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Tech-Infused Learning: Ozobot and Perspectives in Literature

Enhance your language arts classroom with Ozobot! We'll show you how to use this line-following robot to explore different points of view in literature. You'll learn how to boost your students' character analysis — and their coding skills. This course is aimed at high school level literacy, but you can easily adapt it for younger readers and ELLs.

Powered by Google’s Blockly, OzoBlockly offers five modes from Novice with icon-based blocks to Master with support for many low-level functions and advanced programming concepts.
Ozobot Classroom is your one-stop source to measure success in the classroom. You’ll have access to the Ozobot Lesson Library, the Core Coding Curriculum, and Ozoblockly. Also, with the help of the Ozobot Classroom Communicator, you can connect with up to 18 Evos via Bluetooth, easily update the Evo software, and track student progress through lessons and activities. classroom.ozobot.com

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Did you know you can incorporate Ozobot to teach things like Algebra and Geometry? Hands-on PBL projects can help students understand abstract mathematical concepts and equations. Check out our lesson idea to learn more!

Quadratic Equations

  • Choose a quadratic equation.
  • Identify key features such as solutions, axis of symmetry, point of reflection, and the vertex.
  • Using a large piece of paper, draw your quadratic equation with color-coded Ozobot actions for each of the key features identified.
  • Run your Ozobot through the drawn equation and explain why it is performing each action in each specific location.

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Introducing iBlocks, a cross-curricular, holistic learning approach by structuring your learning content with a primary and secondary subject focus. But because iBlocks are also customizable and expandable, these foci can change to suit your school’s needs, should you choose to tailor your iBlock.