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Interacting on a SMART Board IFP with Your Chromebook
January 5, 2017

Many schools are standardizing on Google Chromebooks for teacher and student use and because of this, we receive a lot of questions regarding the use of Chromebooks with SMART Board Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) Displays. In this post and accompanying video, you will learn how your SMART IFP is designed to work seamlessly with your […] Read More

Free Summer PD & BBQ Catered by US for YOU!
June 15, 2016

Here at Teq, we all know well that teachers deserve the much needed rest and relaxation that comes along with summer vacation. We hope you enjoy every minute of it, fellow educators! But we also understand that many teachers and administrators like to use this free time to brush up on their instructional skills in […] Read More

June Course Preview
May 31, 2016

June Course Preview Join us in June for more great content from Teq Online PD! We’re offering afternoon sessions, so when it’s too hot to bare outside, come cool down inside and watch some live sessions! This month, we’ll focus on some Google and SMART tools as well as some interesting features of Adobe and […] Read More

Take the SMART kapp iQ Challenge: 30-Day FREE Trial
August 27, 2015

ATTENTION ALL EDUCATORS. Life has just become easier (and cheaper) for you! The very latest SMART Board flat panel, the SMART kapp iQ, is available FREE for a month-long trial. Just to clarify, that is 720 hours, or 43,200 minutes with the most advanced 4K interactive display on the market. (Kind of a big deal.) Read More

Podcasts You Should Listen To–Content and Inspiration
August 25, 2015

. Today, we'd like to provide a list of podcasts related to education in a different way: content. Each of the podcasts below is related to a specific subject matter, and often presents new angles to their subject matter in exciting and even funny ways. Teachers could use these podcasts to learn the latest facts about their subject of choice, develop new ideas and examples for their own curriculum, and even send them to their students to create a shared experience they can discuss in the classroom. Read More

Podcasts You Should Listen To–Teaching and Technology
August 24, 2015

We at Teq have covered podcasting before in our online PD, particularly as a tool that teachers can use to either record their own lessons, or let students do the recording. Read More

SMART Notebook 15 is Here!
April 23, 2015

SMART Notebook 15 is finally here! See all the new features and learn more about this exciting update. Read More

App Smashing!
March 31, 2015

App Smashing allows students to use critical thinking, problem solving, & creativity to find the best technology to demonstrate their understanding. Read More

Gamification: Introduction (Part 1 of 6)
March 25, 2015

‘Gamification’ refers to the use of game design principles when setting up a system like a classroom. It involves thinking about the psychology of motivation, competition, and collaboration. Read More

Early Childhood and Technology: Is there a “Too Young”?
February 12, 2015

ne of the greatest concerns of a rapidly evolving classroom is discerning whether or not something is appropriate to use. Teachers have already been practicing this when choosing content (no teacher is about to give complex algebra to first graders, for example) and in technique (such as a class using jigsaw reading only after all the students have learned to read). As a result, it’s no surprise that technology is coming under the same scrutiny, with many educators now asking the question: When do certain pieces of tech become developmentally appropriate for my kids? Read More

Download the February Teq Online PD Calendar!
January 30, 2015

This February, join our PD specialists as they cover everything from project-based learning to STEM activities with NAO and Choregraphe. Download the February course calendar, and start making the most of this chilly winter with 33 new and updated Teq Online PD courses. Read More

February is Full of Great Courses with Teq Online PD!
January 22, 2015

Our February calendar is chock-full of great content! With so many teachers on winter break during the week of February 16th, we will be featuring some of our best courses in all main subject areas, as well as some of our other favorite new courses. Read More

The Library of Congress – The World’s Largest Library in Your Classroom!
January 8, 2015

Help your students meet Common Core Standards, look no further than the education page of the Library of Congress (LOC). As the largest library in the world, their online site is a valuable resource for teachers wanting to incorporate these documents into their classrooms. Read More

Front Row for Assessment
January 7, 2015

Teachers are often looking for new ways to assess their students’ knowledge of Common Core Learning Standards. Front Row is a web- based platform (and iPad app!) that allows you to motivate students, differentiate practice activities, and receive immediate feedback on student progress in your Common Core Math class. Read More

Google, Geogebra, & Educreations in January on Teq Online PD
December 26, 2014

This January, check out these great courses and more!  Google Drive, Part 1: Organization & Storage Learn how to use Google Drive as a cloud storage solution. See how to organize your files for easy access, upload new files to the drive, convert existing content from other common applications, and upload and store even more […] Read More

All About Pinterest
December 16, 2014

See how Pinterest (the social media website that allows users to create ‘boards’, and then pin content to those boards in order to save them) has been taking the education world by storm. Read More

Download a September Calendar for Teq Online PD
September 9, 2014

Download a September calendar for Teq Online PD! Check out all of the courses for this month, and click here if you’d like to be contacted about a subscription. Here are some of the classes you can look forward to: Close Reading in the High School ELA Classroom Enhance the way students understand close reading with little-known web, tablet, […] Read More

Free Teq Online PD to Welcome You Back to School!
August 12, 2014

We’re getting the school year started off right with 2 FREE hour-long Teq Online PD sessions! Sign up today to experience what hundreds of teachers are talking about: Digital Tools for the Writing Process Focus on integrating collaborative learning tools to increase the quality of students’ writing. September 8th • 2:30 PM ET Register at […] Read More

SMART Notebook, iPad Apps, SMART amp, & 40+ Live Courses Before September
July 20, 2014

Teq Online PD is a great professional development resource for teachers looking to improve their knowledge and skills around classroom technology leading up to the new school year. Beginning this week, Teq Online PD will have professional development courses for SMART Notebook, iPads apps, and a new intro course for SMART amp. If you have […] Read More