Actively Learn and Achieve3000

Robert Abraham
PD Account Manager / PD Specialist
Blog on November 08 2021

Achieve3000 is a literacy platform that provides differentiated content for students in grades pre-K to 12, as well as for adult learners.  Their patented instruction helps improve performance by working with students at their individual reading levels. Actively Learn, a digital reading platform which focuses on deep thinking, is a part of Achieve3000 and they can be implemented together or separately in schools.

The goal of both of these platforms is to help students engage with increasingly complex texts as well as use higher-order thinking skills and strategies to become truly college and career ready. Achieve3000 has been used by teachers for many years to help students raise their lexile levels by offering features like ongoing assessments and text re-leveling.


Actively Learn is a newer platform but offers many similar and complementary options to Achieve3000 users. For example, it offers a large collection of high-interest text content that can be customized to individual student needs. Questions, comments, and notes can be added to the offered reading passages and teachers can use the tools with their own text as well.
Text passages in Actively Learn are searchable by grade level, lexile level and standards. You can also filter by different genres, such as argumentative, informational and poetry, as well as themes such as heroes, social justice or drama. There are also complete curriculum units available, such as Macbeth and “Expressing Emotions Through Poetry.”
In addition, Actively Learn offers powerful tools to help the reader, including text-to-speech, a dictionary, and a translation tool. They offer tools for the teacher as well, such as scaffolding tools, annotation and discussion tools and formative assessments. Data collection tools include reports not only on proficiency but also on time spent on reading passages.
While educators have been utilizing Achieve3000 in the classroom for years, the addition of Actively Learn to the platform makes for a much more robust and comprehensive learning platform.

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