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New Accessibility Features in iOS 8
November 4, 2014

With the roll-out of the new iOS 8, Apple has added three features to enhance accessibility. Naturally, these changes have excellent applications in the classroom for all students. Today we’ll take a look at the changes made to Guided Access, Zoom, and Speak Screen. Guided Access Timer and Keyboard Access We recommend guided access frequently […] Read More

Top 5 Windows Key Codes To Know
October 29, 2014

Have you ever created an exam or worksheet for your students that required the use of symbols like division signs or accent marks? Where do you find the symbol that you need, and how do you get it on your page?! Well, key codes on your Windows computer can help make this task a lot […] Read More

Power Saving with Your SMART Board 6065
October 17, 2014

“Sleep mode” refers to the low power mode for electrical devices like TVs and computers. With a SMART Board 6065, you can enable sleep mode so you’re not wasting electricity when the SMART Board is not in use. The SMART Technologies Sleep Mode is accomplished in two ways: Pressing the crescent moon labeled sleep button […] Read More

Download a September Calendar for Teq Online PD
September 9, 2014

Download a September calendar for Teq Online PD! Check out all of the courses for this month, and click here if you’d like to be contacted about a subscription. Here are some of the classes you can look forward to: Close Reading in the High School ELA Classroom Enhance the way students understand close reading with little-known web, tablet, […] Read More

5 Exciting Technologies for Back-to-School
September 6, 2014

Here at Teq, we are so excited about our new Technology Integration Catalog! These are 5 exciting technologies grabbing the attention of our PD specialists this back-to-school season! 1. Teq Unlimited Combining the power of Teq Online PD, SMART Notebook™ 14, SMART Notebook Advantage, and SMART amp™ collaborative learning platform, this student- and teacher-centric solution is the […] Read More

The “Magic” of SMART Boards: How Touch Technology Works
March 20, 2014

Many of us use touch technology everyday, whether it be on our smartphones or SMART Boards. Some of us have gotten so used to screens responding to our commands that we instinctively touch all screens expecting to get a reaction. Although touch screens are an extremely widely used part of technology, much like coding, few […] Read More