A Sad Goodbye to Infuse Learning — What Now?

Classroom Tools on February 13 2015

When I received the e-mail in my inbox informing me that Infuse Learning would be ending its run as a free, digital assessment resource, I thought I just might cry! Here at Teq, we have always demonstrated Infuse Learning as a great way to introduce successful mobile assessment in the classroom. We were particularly fond of Infuse Learning’s “Infuse Draw” feature, which allowed students to submit illustrations directly to the teacher. Imagine having your students be able to graph a line on their mobile device and submit it for grading! (Sorry, there goes the math teacher excitement in me!) We will certainly miss these features offered by Infuse Learning and are sad to see them go.

If you are working with a mobile assessment initiative in your classroom or school,  it is important to be sure that you have a well-developed platform that can help support your needs. Without Infuse Learning as an option, you may wondering “what do I do now?” Be sure to use some of our resources to help you locate a good fit for teachers and students. Our blog titled Choosing a Mobile Assessment Platform or our e-book on Mobile and Web-Based Assessment may be helpful in this process.

Some of the other tools for assessment that we often recommend include SMART Response, Socrative, Nearpod, and Nutmeg Education. Easy to use and safe for students, each of these options provide a comprehensive platform for creating your own content and reviewing results to enhance data driven instruction. Assessing students through a digital platform for state exams is increasing in popularity across the US. Be sure your students are ready for this initiative by practicing this assessment format in your classroom! Contact us at Teq, or look into our Online PD platform for resources on how to successfully implement these tools.