Valuable Tools for Making Your Math Lessons Digital

Caylie Gaccione
Curriculum Specialist
Blog on February 08 2022

Are you looking for new ways to engage your students in math lessons? Digital math tools are the way to go! There are so many resources that are available for teachers to use in order to model key math concepts that it can be challenging to choose the right one! From digital manipulatives to interactive games and websites, teachers can help students to take their math understanding to the next level. Let’s explore some digital math tools to add into your teaching toolbox!

The Benefits

There are a lot of reasons why digital math tools are effective, but one of the main reasons is the level of student engagement associated with bringing math lessons and activities to a digital space.

When it comes to teaching math, we want to avoid overwhelming our students with worksheets or writing numbers on the front board for students to copy into their notebooks. By using digital math tools, students will be excited to learn and will be engaged because of the unique nature of the math tools – whether it be manipulatives, games, activities, or simply just having students show their work!

Sometimes, there is that need for jotting down ideas, showing work, and solving math equations via pencil and paper, but going digital really expands the horizons of our students. Technology provides additional opportunities for seeing and interacting with mathematical concepts. Students can explore and make discoveries with games, simulations and digital tools.

Manipulatives and Interactives

These tools allow students to explore concepts while minimizing cleanup and lost pieces! Here are some examples that you can try with your students!

  1. Lumio is the perfect tool for quickly pushing out content to students. Lumio by SMART transforms static content into active and collaborative learning opportunities for students. PHET interactive simulations, desmos graphing calculator, and other manipulatives are all available to add to pre-existing lessons or to use entirely on their own. Add content to start creating meaningful learning experiences.
  2. Mathsbot is another website that is an excellent option for digital, interactive math tools. Choose from question generators, manipulatives, printables, puzzles, and more. Simply search through the choices, select the manipulative you want, and share it out with your students.

Different options for manipulatives.

  1. CK-12 allows you and your students to search for various manipulatives. Although we are focusing on math tools, this website offers tools in other categories such as science and social studies. Simply choose the grade level or topic that you would like to view resources for and check out the lessons and activities that are available. Each topic is broken down into videos and practice resources for your students to work with.

The CK-12 site.

Activities and Games

One of the best ways to engage your students is through interactive activities and games. The following options are just some of the many tools that you can share with your students.

  1. Math-Play is a website with free online math games broken down into grade bands and math skills. These games are ready to use and are a great way to excite students during math lessons or even as supplemental activities.

Different online math games available on MathPlay.

  1. Google Slides is another excellent option for creating games and activities for your students. Add images, videos, and other interactive components that can easily be shared with your students for them to move through at their own pace. I created this example “Math Interview” activity, using a SlidesMania template. In this activity, students will be prompted to answer get to know you questions followed by solving math equations. Check it out here!

An example of a "Math Interview" made on Google Slides.

  1. GoNoodle is a website that offers brain break videos for students to enjoy before, during, or after instruction. The curricular category has a math section that includes math specific videos such as skip counting, greater than or less than, lines and angles, and more! These videos are great for reinforcing key concepts for your students in a unique way.

Showing Work Digitally

When students show their work, they are able to explain their thinking and teach others about a given topic. Here are some of my favorite tools for having my students show their work digitally.

  1. MathWhiteboard can be used to demonstrate key mathematical concepts or have students show their work. Utilize pen tools, math type features, and even graph paper  get started.  

An example of a MathWhiteboard page.

  1. Seesaw is a learning platform where teachers can create activities and push them out to students. One great feature of Seesaw is that teachers can upload templates and even provide a recording for students to model how to effectively complete the activities. Students can then show their work by annotating on the attached worksheets.
  2. Jamboard is Google’s interactive whiteboard that is the perfect tool for math lessons. Use text, drawing tools, sticky notes, and more to create a one of a kind, interactive activity for students to engage with. Check out some of these ideas to get started!

Be sure to check out our accompanying OTIS course, Digital Tools for Elementary Math to see them in action! For more tips, tricks, and tools for teaching in and out of the classroom, check out more articles on the Teq Talk blog. We also offer virtual professional development, training, and remote learning support for educators with OTIS for educators. Explore the technology, tools, and strategies that can spark student success — no matter where teaching or learning are happening.

For more tips, tricks, and tools for teaching in and out of the classroom, check out more articles on the Teq Talk blog.

We also offer virtual professional development, training, and remote learning support for educators with OTIS for educators. Explore the technology, tools, and strategies that can spark student success — no matter where teaching or learning are happening.

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