Engaging End of the Year Activities

Nicole Mathew
Curriculum Specialist
Blog on June 22 2022

The end of another school year can be an exciting time for both students and teachers. It can also be a time in which students get restless after finishing up state exams and end of the year assessments. Teachers need to be strategic in ensuring that students don’t have too much flexibility or have  the impression that learning is done for the year. Check out these purposeful activities to keep students engaged as that last day approaches: 

1. Digital memory books

Create a digital memory book to help your class  capture all of the amazing things that have occurred throughout the year and how students have changed and grown. Digital memory books can be a great way to help students tell their personal story and process any events or emotions they felt from the year. There are a variety of different web-based platforms that students can use to create their books including Google Slides, Book Creator, Flipgrid, Seesaw, and many others. One of the best benefits of taking your memory books digitally is that they won’t be misplaced, like their paper counterparts, and can be added to every year with ease. 

2. Virtual field trips

Take a virtual field trip to faraway places students wouldn’t otherwise get to visit. The end of the year is often a time when students go on field trips to destinations like amusement parks and movie theaters. Why not plan a field trip “staycation” style? There are many great tools you can use to make this possible. Google Earth and Street View in Google Maps are unique ways to get actual views of places as you would see them in real life. Google Arts & Culture can provide immersive experiences with places around the world including historic locations, art galleries, museums, etc. Plan an interactive journey for students to take using Google My Maps or have students design and create their own for other students to take. You can even take a field trip to other schools or other destinations using Google Meet so students who are changing buildings can get familiar with their new surroundings. 

2. Book reviews 

Have students write a book review to incoming students of their favorite independent reading books. Not only are students reflecting on the work they completed throughout the year, but they’re working on their persuasive writing skills. Students must summarize the highlights without giving too much away! You can have students do this on paper or digitally! Google Slides is a great place to have students create their own review slide that can be added to, year after year. You can also print out the slides to create a book that can be attached to the classroom library for next year’s students to use as reference. Another digital alternative can be to have students create a blog or website using Google Sites or Blogger that you can have students use to check when they are unsure about a book.

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