6 Ways to Get Wild with Goosechase

Caylie Gaccione
Curriculum Specialist
Blog on April 04 2024

Goosechase logo with map of different destinations.

Get ready to spread your wings and fly with Goosechase! We’re always looking for innovative ways to engage students with unique lessons and activities. Goosechase is a creative tool that goes above and beyond by creating experiences for students, staff, and community members. Through Goosechase’s interactive experiences, we will learn more about one another, explore our surroundings, and step outside of our comfort zones. Let’s learn how Goosechase works and how to use it to maximize learning experiences.

What is Goosechase?

Goosechase is an online tool that allows educators to create scavenger hunts that are centered around specific content. It is an interactive experience platform (IXP), where you will build and run experiences that actively engage your senses, surroundings, and interact with other users. Within each Goosechase experience, you can build out “missions” — either self-created or from the Goosechase Experience Template Library. Additionally, you can even filter missions by grade or content area.

Goosechase Experience Template Library with different selections to choose from.

To complete a mission, participants will take photos to show objects found on their adventures, record videos with audio, and use location check-ins with GPS. In addition,  you can create and adjust scavenger hunts that incorporate a variety of tools including games, images, research, and subject-specific content. Try out this scavenger hunt mission generator to bring your ideas to life!

Now that we know a little more about Goosechase, we will explore some different ways to have our own wild goose chase!

1) Team building

Challenge the way people connect and enhance engagement through customized activities! Team members can enjoy these challenges from anywhere, at any time, to promote friendly competition. Through Goosechase team building activities, team members can like and share photos to connect with one another. Not only is this great for faculty and staff, but also students whether they’re in school, remote, or hybrid.

Idea for use: Share what you have been doing over the weekend. Maybe you tried a new recipe or went for a hike on a new trail. Use Goosechase to take a picture, show it off, and learn more about colleagues, peers, friends, families, and hobbies.

Section to fill out the Mission Name, Mission Description, and point value for Goosechase mission.

2) Onboarding

Get new employees immersed in the school culture, kickstart team bonding, and replace typical onboarding with fun missions. This is a great way to develop meaningful relationships and accomplish tasks that take place during the first few days. You can repeat the onboarding process for new arrivals, and even adjust it to meet the needs of different participants.

Idea for use: Help new employees learn about their new school. With Goosechase, they will explore different parts of the building, meet with people from different departments, and complete a variety of school-related tasks!

3) Subject-specific and transdisciplinary activities

Take education beyond the classroom through hands-on learning that can be saved and shared with other classes and educators. This is the perfect way to bring out a student’s creativity! Teachers can use Goosechase for daily lessons, field trips, professional development, parent-teacher conferences, performances, or any school event! Students of all ages, and even staff members, will enjoy using the app. The flexibility and customization available allows you to use Goosechase for any subject from STEM to ELA and everything in between. Use the app as a way to increase trans-disciplinary connections, complete multi-subject projects, and more.

Idea for use: Have students participate in a Goosechase experience for a field day. In addition to field day events, students will use the app to go on a scavenger hunt and document field day happenings. Parents, guardians, and school staff members can get involved with the festivities through dedicated missions.

4) Recreation and community building

Get involved with your community by creating missions for exploring and supporting local attractions and businesses. Boost fundraising efforts by getting stores and businesses to take part in the fun! This is a great way to share community landmarks while connecting with new people along the way. This can increase student’s interest in subject matter by making real world connections to their community.

Idea for use: Create a town scavenger hunt. Have students work with their families to visit local monuments, stores, and other town highlights. This can be done after school or on the weekends, and can even serve as an extra credit activity that doubles as a fun-filled way of learning more about the community.

5) Campus or school orientation

Create orientation activities and get students up and moving around the campus or school building by taking photos and videos. Use this as an opportunity for students to get to know each other at the start of the school year.

Idea for use: Get students involved for a week of welcome. Have them tour the campus and learn about all of the important “hotspots.”’ This takes classic orientation week icebreakers to an exciting new level of interactive experiences for students.

6) Tourism and field trips:

Highlight attractions and host educational tours that encourage visitors to explore and connect with specific locations. This is the perfect opportunity to add excitement to educational experiences.

Idea for use: Go on a museum tour! Have participants explore a museum while capturing key moments at certain attractions and exhibits. With Goosechase, you can make a typically tame activity take on a whole new feeling!

As you can see, Goosechase is the perfect way to get everyone involved. Whether it’s school functions or community events, you are bound to find a way to utilize this amazing tool. We can’t wait to hear how you choose to use Goosechase with your students, colleagues, family, or friends! Be sure to check out our accompanying OTIS course, Going on a Goosechase, as well as many other courses in the OTIS Course Library.

For more tips, tricks, and tools for teaching in and out of the classroom, check out more content on the Teq Talk blog or our YouTube channels OTIS for educators and Tequipment.

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