Our Favorite Lumio Resources

Nicole Mathew
Curriculum Specialist
Blog on February 14 2022

   You probably have used or heard about all of the readily made resources built into the “add activities” section on Lumio. But, did you know there are hundreds of other resources within Lumio right at your fingertips? To access these resources, click on the “Explore Resources” tab from within your Lumio Library. Here, you’ll find both resources shared by SMART and teachers just like you! You can search or filter by grade level and subject area to see what’s available. Browse through the different collections and categories if you just want to take a look. You’ll be amazed by all of the wonderful tools you can add to your classroom. To get started, check out our five current favorites:

1. WORDLE Classroom Game Template by Beth Golanty

Want to get your class involved in the WORDLE craze? Easily bring this interactive challenge to your students with the WORDLE template. Pick any 5 letter word to use and let Lumio help students collaborate, visualize, and track their progress. Or, convert to an individual handout for students to complete independently. You can make this a daily or weekly activity, a brain break, or “do now,” and more.

2. Getting to Know You Bingo by Shoba Emanuel

This bingo template has over 1,000 downloads! Perfect for the start of the semester or as a team building exercise anytime of the year. Easily customize with the included library of stickers and change the bingo text to suit your needs. Give students their own individual handout to work on or work in groups via a collaborative workspace to complete the challenge.  

3. Creating Classroom Rules and Procedures by Marissa Kaufman

Get ready to make coming up with classroom procedures more engaging. This classroom rules activity file will bring a new interactive element to creating classroom rules and procedures. Students will be able to brainstorm with peers using a “Shout it Out” activity and other easy to use templates.

4. Managing Anxiety and Stress by GLUU

This thoughtful collection gives you ready made mindfulness activities for students. Whether your students need a brain break or you practice mindfulness as a morning meeting routine, help students be aware of themselves and nature with the included series of activities.

5. Self-Assessment Tools for English Language Learners by Ryan Roach

Use Lumio to push out student self assessments to your students. Use these templates to help your students quickly and easily assess their learning and identify goals moving forward. This series of assessment activities can be used for any learner and are especially useful for ELLs.

Now that you have seen our top five recommendations, you can begin using templates in your class right away. Or better yet, explore the library to find templates that fit your needs. When you find a resource you want to use, simply click on “Save to my library.” That file will then appear in your library where you can customize and add additional content. Leave us a comment and let us know which templates you’re using in your class!

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