5 Steps to Bring Your Morning Meetings Online with Lumio

Emma Foley
Curriculum Specialist
Blog on October 26 2021

For most educators, teaching has been restored to some degree of normalcy. The days of having to worry about getting 30 second graders to shift their mindset  to “learning mode” after joining the Zoom or Google Meet session are over. Hopefully, working diligently to prevent the conversations about YouTube and TikTok from spilling into instructional time are in your past. However, with students back in the brick-and-mortar setting, they are probably equally distracted and eager to converse with their classmates rather than get started with the day’s instruction. This is where digital morning meeting activities can make your job that much easier. 

Regardless of where students are learning, whether in a virtual or face-to-face setting, morning meeting activities bring a lot of value to the educational experience. With interactive activities, students can learn more about themselves and maybe even their classmates. It’s also a great way to make students feel seen and heard. Keep reading for 5 quick and easy to follow steps to start digitizing your morning meeting activities with the help of tools like Flipgrid, Screencastify, and Lumio!

Step 1: Select a platform

The first step in digitizing your morning meeting involves selecting a platform to build your slide deck. PowerPoint or Slides can be a great place to begin, especially when you are looking to keep structure during morning meetings. You can also use SMART Notebook or Keynote if you are comfortable with building slide decks there. The themes gallery in Slides or PowerPoint offer a theme for just about everyone, but if you are looking for even more template ideas, I highly encourage checking out Slidesmania.

Step 2: Fill with content

So what do you include on the slides themselves? How you choose to organize the slide content itself is up to you, but this will ultimately lay out the flow of morning meeting for your students. One suggestion is to have a checklist at the start of your slide deck that you can turn into an interactive, individual handout on Lumio. For a quick refresher on converting a slide to an independent handout, check out our 2 minute video on OTIS for Educators.

Slide with multiple choice options for warm-up activity for students

You may also want to build in morale boosters for your students such as funny memes or highlights of their accomplishments. These are easy to update and can really motivate students to boost their scores and participation.

Slide of quote and meme of otter

Since you may choose to reserve the last portion of the morning meeting time slot for students to work on independent activities while you finish preparing and setting up for the day, you will want to start building slides filled with a calendar, daily weather forecast, or academic focused tasks (i.e. alphabetizing, grammar, or phonics activities). These will be the slides that you will turn into independent handouts after importing your slides into Lumio. For more ideas on interactive activities in Lumio, check out our collection of short skills videos in the Lumio category on OTIS for Educators.

Step 3: Record your morning message

The next step in this process is to record your morning message for students using a screen recorder like Screencastify. This is a great way to share the nuts-and-bolts items for the day. The video can be brief and focus on sharing information with students such as any schedule changes to the normal routine (i.e. assemblies, guest speakers, etc.), and any students/teachers celebrating a birthday that day. For some students, seeing a face attached to a voice is way more engaging than reading a faceless, voiceless schedule on a pocket chart, or listening to a series of voice-overs on the PA system. Once you finish recording your morning message using the screen recording program of your choice, it’s as simple as embedding the link into your slidedeck! 

Flipgrid is another option for creating morning announcements. You may even want to take it to the next level using a green screen app like Do Ink! With Do Ink you can create incredible green screen videos and images right on your iPad or iPhone. It is a classroom-tested app that is simple to use and produces fantastic results. With a model for students of how to use the app to express themselves in truly creative and unique ways, it  may even inspire  them  to show off their own creativity with future projects. For more information about Do Ink, check out their website or head to the App Store to start exploring the app itself. 

Screenshot of a student video with a Mars background

Step 4: Student voice

Now that you have shared the announcements with your students, the next step in this process is to create a new topic in Flipgrid to create the space for them to share with you! Giving students an avenue other than task-based worksheets or handouts is important for amplifying student voices and starting the day off on the right foot. It may be helpful to title your meeting as the date and set a 1 – 2 minute time limit for student recordings. The prompt you would like students to respond to can be as general or specific as you would like, but this can be a great way to check in with the social and emotional well-being of your students. Be sure to use the space provided on Flipgrid to include a description and explicit instructions for students. Don’t forget to save to your Flipgrid Group!

Slide of "how are you feeling" smiley faces


Step 5: Share with students

The last step in this process is to establish a routine where students know that they should log on to Lumio at hellosmart.com and sign in to your class using your 6-digit code every morning to find the updated Morning Meeting lesson for that day! The other option is to share the link to your Lumio Morning Meeting with your students. You can do this in a variety of ways. If you already have a tool like Google Classroom, Schoology, or another LMS, we recommend sharing the link directly through that. 


For more tips, tricks, and tools for teaching in and out of the classroom, check out more articles on the Teq Talk blog.

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