Introducing Student Sign-ins for SMART Learning Suite

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The latest SMART release enables individual student sign-ins for SMART Learning Suite

With SMART’s latest release for SMART Learning Suite, students now have the ability to log in to SMART activities with either a Google or Microsoft email. This allows students to engage with any activity that’s delivered through SMART Learning Suite, or enabled with SMART iQ, like the following:

  • ClassLab Activities
  • Monster Quiz
  • Response 2
  • SMART Notebook Player App on iQ
  • SMART Learning Suite Online

This feature also allows the teacher to see whether participating students are logged in as a guest, or if they logged in with their email.

Watch the video below to see the student sign-in in action.


Here are some of the benefits of student sign-ins:

Accountability & Classroom Management
While there is a use for self-identification or guest sign-in, having the ability for students to log in with an email is a great feature. It allows the teacher to know exactly who is participating in ClassLab, Response 2, and SMART Learning Suite Online activities.

Out-of-Class Assignments with SLS Online
SMART Learning Suite Online includes a feature that enables a teacher to make SMART Notebook files accessible outside of class when a teacher needs to run an activity. For example, this feature allows a teacher to provide independent and group activities for homework. Students are required to sign in with an email account to access this feature, and once a student is signed in they can continue working with the content independently or in a group. This new feature will also remember any student contributions if the teacher continues the lesson at a later time.

Future Considerations
Now that SMART has included the ability for students to sign in, it opens the door to add more activities that track progress and/or contributions to specific students. This gives the teacher a better view on student learning, participation, and overall comprehension.

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