Productive Backgrounds in Zoom Meetings

Robert Abraham
PD Account Manager / PD Specialist
News on June 04 2021

Virtual meetings have become commonplace in our times of virtual and hybrid learning. Teachers and students have worked from home this past year and Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom meetings have added many features to meet (pun intended) this need.

One popular feature is the use of a virtual background during the meetings. This feature can be useful to block out your background at home or to add a fun twist to the meeting. However, it can also be useful as a functional tool before and during the meetings.

Here are some productive background ideas for Zoom.

Welcome backgrounds

Have a welcome slide to state the expectations of the meeting as well as any requirements.

“Be Right Back” background

Sometimes you need to step away from the meeting but want others to know it’s still active. Using a BRB message as a background could come in handy. Try a Google Image search for a “Be Right Back Backgrounds.”

The meeting will begin shortly background  

It’s polite to let participants who arrive early or on time that the meeting will begin shortly, especially if you’re waiting for other participants to arrive. You can find an image for this on Google Images, or personalize it with the name of the session by creating a Google Slide image to use as a background.

Video backgrounds 

In addition to adding images as meeting backgrounds, Zoom (and Google Meet) allows you to use video clips as well! These are a very effective method to enhance a meeting. You can use a YouTube video on a shared screen or a video downloaded on your desktop for interesting effects, including a countdown timer. Here are two fun options:

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