With all you need to deliver a high impact Computer Science and STEM learning classroom, pi‑top gives you the tools to create a transformative learning experience.

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Pi-Top 4

pi-top [4] is the new programmable computing module for makers, creators and innovators. It has a fully programmable mini screen and buttons, 5-hour internal battery, CPU cooling system and accompanying project kits and components. Powering all of this is the Raspberry Pi 4 computer and a new social making platform called Further.

Pi-Top Foundation Kit

Every pi-top [4] comes with a metal component case with 14 electronic components such as programmable sensors, buttons and LEDs to bring your inventions to life, and store them safely when not in use. Each of the components is magnetic.

Pi-TopOS Sirius

Every pi-top [4] comes with our latest operating system, pi-topOS SIRIUS, which will provide you access to the Further Platform. Further teaches you how to use all the pi-top components through completing challenges and contributing projects to the community. With Further, you can collaborate and work with anyone, anywhere, iterating ideas and designs, building teams and creating things together.

Pi-Top 3

pi‑top is a modular laptop that gives you the tools to complete amazing DIY projects and bring your inventions to life. It’s the perfect tool to help you learn to code, create awesome devices, and take your knowledge to the next level.

The pi-top computer kit comes with:
  1. pi-top PCB hubs
  2. Inventors kit for creating computer science and electronics inventions
  3. 14” HD screen/monitor
  4. Sliding Keyboard
  5. 8h smart battery
  6. Personalized injection molded case
  7. Customizable acrylic slice for easy access
  8. Lots of cables: HDMI, USB to micro USB, USB to 4p and power supply
  9. Free pi-top OS software & CEED Universe educational game
  10. Illustrated instructions
  11. Raspberry Pi 3 (Optional)

pi‑topCEED is the easiest way to use your Raspberry Pi. It’s what you love about the pi-top flagship laptop in a slimmer form factor. Join hundreds of classrooms using pi‑topCEED as their solution to Computer Science and STEM based learning.

The pi-topCEED comes with:
  1. pi-top PCB hub
  2. 14” HD screen/monitor
  3. Adjustable hinges
  4. Personalized injection molded case
  5. Customizable acrylic slice for easy access
  6. Lots of cables: HDMI, USB to micro USB, USB to 4p and power supply
  7. Free pi-topOS and CEED Universe educational game
  8. Illustrated instructions
  9. a Raspberry Pi 3 (Optional)


The pi-top and pi-topCEED are accompanied by pi-topOS which contains pi-top’s coding environment and educational game. pi-topOS features an intuitive interface that delivers engaging lesson plans and fun learning based apps. pi-topOS also features:


Learn to code, create physical computing projects and track your progress and even test your code in real time!


A programming language that is easy to understand and use, it’s great for children to start learning and create rich programming projects.


You’ll need to solve visual programming puzzles to unlock areas of the game. You can even convert your visual program straight to Python code

Minecraft PI Edition

Minecraft is a great way to learn python and a free version is available for the Raspberry Pi. Write commands and scripts in Python to build things in the game automatically.

A variety of other apps including Google Apps, YouTube, and Libre Office.

Pi-Top Classroom

Manage classes, alter lesson plans or create your own and track student progress in this simple web app. pi-topCLASSROOM features:

A Lesson Planner

Custom Curricula

Student Analytics

World Class Content

Evolve your classroom to support 21st century learning