Teq Online PD 3.0 is Here!

Nina Sclafani
Senior Event Coordinator
News on September 18 2017

It’s finally here! With suggestions taken from teachers like you, we’ve made updates to our platform for a more intuitive experience that makes getting the PD you want easier, faster, and more personalized.

User-Friendly Design—No Matter Your Device!

To help improve the user experience, our team redesigned the platform layout for a cleaner and more streamlined design that makes navigating the site even easier than before.

We also made improvements to our mobile design for better functionality and navigation.

Improved Search Capability

To help you find the courses you’re most interested in, courses have been organized by category. Looking for a course on SMART? Simply click into the SMART category box and you’ll be able to view all the SMART courses available.

Once in the category box, you can continue to narrow down your search using the same search bar as above. Looking for a project-based learning activity you could use with your SMART software? With a simple search for “PBL” within the SMART category, the improved search will provide you with every SMART course that also includes Project-based Learning.



Chapters Throughout Each Session

Need a quick reminder of a skill you learned in a session of Online PD? Sessions now include chapters to help you quickly find information without having to search around the video. With informative chapter names and chapter lengths listed, you’ll always know where to find the information you want, and how much time it will take to cover that skill.

All New Usage Tracking

Keeping track of the courses you’ve taken has never been easier than with the all new Usage Tracking. Simply click on My Profile and then My Usage to view the courses you have In Progress, what courses you have Completed, and what Achievements you’ve made.

Courses in Progress  

With the new In Progress view, you can have an accurate view of how much of the session you have viewed, as well as how many chapters you have completed. This will help you better plan your PD schedule when life is too busy to complete the session in one sitting.

Courses Completed and Achievements

Keep track of your completed credit hours, the number of courses taken, and certifications earned in the Achievements view.

For a detailed view of each individual course taken, click on Completed. 


For More

See the new Teq Online PD 3.0 platform for yourself! Visit opd.teq.com.

Have a question about the platform, or any of the courses offered—email our PD team at OnlinePD@teq.com or, if you’re already registered for Teq Online PD, click on the nOw Instructional Support button—featured on the right side of the OPD page.

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