The New SMART Learning Suite Online

John Mulvaney
News on September 25 2017

Last week, SMART released SMART Learning Suite Online. This is the beginning of what many educators have been waiting for for some time: the ability to deliver SMART Notebook lessons across devices. Below is the first of what will be several professional development sessions on SMART Learning Suite Online.


7 things you can do with SMART Learning Suite Online

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can do with SMART Notebook with SMART Learning Suite Online:

  1. You can use SMART Learning Suite Online right now for free, all you need to do is log in with your school’s Microsoft or Google account.
  2. Easily open and deliver lessons anywhere with any device, including Chromebooks and iPads.
  3. Connect student devices to your activities, assessments and lessons to boost active learning.
  4. Use your SMART Notebook lessons, including free content in SMART Exchange.
  5. Teachers can create and deliver assessments and activities that guide instruction.
  6. Quickly transition between lessons on the fly. Connected devices switch too, so students don’t lose focus.
  7. Get feedback from students at any time during the lesson with instant Shout It Out activities.

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Free Online EdTech Professional Development

As with everything SMART does, this update to the SMART Learning Suite if focused on maximizing instructional time, and engaging students through interactive content, whether through assessments, interactive lesson content, or game-based learning. With all that SMART Learning Suite offers, it’s difficult to balance the learning the new features of the software along with your daily classroom responsibilities. If you need more PD on SMART Boards, SMART Notebook, or the SMART Learning Suite, you should create a free, basic account with Teq Online PD. This free PD account gives you access to hours of free PD videos on a variety of edtech topics.

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