Top 3 Lumio Skills You Should Brush up on This Summer

Nicole Mathew
Curriculum Specialist
Blog on August 10 2022

Summer is now in session, but that doesn’t mean learning has to stop! In less than five minutes, you can brush up on a few skills that will help make the new school year a big success. 

1) How to start a Lumio lesson from your Google Drive

The Lumio platform is already a user-friendly place to start a lesson you have uploaded or created. With the Google Drive integration, you can enjoy the convenience of having your resources stored and organized in your Drive, while still having access to all the Lumio content you love. This can make lesson planning and unit organization a breeze, as everything is all in one place. To get started, be sure that you have your Google Drive connected to Lumio in your Lumio account settings. Once you are connected, you can open Lumio by SMART by clicking “New” in your Drive, then “More,” and finally selecting Lumio by SMART. This will automatically open your Lumio account in a new tab. 

Another option is to open a Lumio file that lives in your Google Drive. You will find a folder called “Lumio” on your main Drive page which contains your Lumio created lessons. Just double click on a lesson to open it in Lumio. Feel free to rearrange your Lumio lessons and move them into other folders, as they don’t need to stay in the Lumio folder to be used! For more information, check out the OTIS Skills video Starting a Lesson from Google Drive in Lumio.

2) How to upload pre-made content

One of the best things about Lumio is that you can build upon existing content and push out via Lumio. You can use existing files like PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, SMART Notebook files, and Google Drive files. This makes it easy to utilize and enhance resources that you already have instead of having to build lessons over again. Once you are in the “My Library” section of Lumio, select either “New” and then “Import Resources,” or simply just select the “Import Resources” icon. Whichever method you choose, select the source of the pre-made materials from your computer, Drive, or even your Lumio library. Select which pages to add if the file spans multiple slides or pages. This creates a new Lumio lesson that you can add to, whether other imported resources or new content in Lumio. You can also import pre-made content into a Lumio lesson you are already working on by clicking on the blue plus sign and choosing “Import Resources.” To learn more, take a look at this OTIS Skills video:


3) Adding a response assessment in Lumio 

Lumio is great for bringing students together in an engaging and interactive way. Although, some activities are more suitable for independent learning and individual assessment. In Lumio, you can create response assessments – formative assessments that track student responses. To create a response assessment, click on the “Add Content” button in Lumio, or the blue plus sign if you are already in a Lumio lesson you are creating. Select the response template option and then choose the type of question: multiple choice, multiple answer, poll/opinion, or short answer. Then, begin adding questions and responses using the “Add Question” button, ensuring that you have identified the correct answer if applicable. You can even add images as question stems or response options. When all questions have been added, review the content, give the response assessment a title and instructions, and click finish. Be sure to assign a file to the newly created lesson if you are not adding your assessment to an existing Lumio lesson. Then, either launch the lesson and begin the assessment, or share the link with students. To learn more, take a look at the OTIS Skills video, Adding a Response in Lumio.

Interested in more summer PD? Check out the OTIS site to watch live summer sessions, courses from our library, and even more skills videos.

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