Five of Our Favorite Podcasts for Teachers

Terry VanNoy
PD Specialist
News on September 22 2021

Do you have five or ten minutes during your teaching day?  Like to keep up with professional reading as a teacher but would rather listen than read? Then take a look at our top 5 podcast pics!

We have collected five of our favorite podcasts for teachers.  Of course, there are hundreds of them out there in cyberspace, but consider these below.  This list consists of a variety of topics, relevant to special areas of education.  They can be fun and entertaining, as well as real and topical for today’s educator.  After listening to some episodes, you’ll be reminded that you are part of an immensely important profession, and that you are not alone in the struggles (and joys) you face every day as a teacher.  Reach out to let us know what you think, and tell us other podcasts you listen to and would like to see featured.


The Creative Classroom with John Spencer

These ten to 15-minute episodes are thought provoking and provide a spark to your own creative process. A wide variety of content focused on transforming the learning experience. Looking for inspiration and ideas? Listen here!


Truth for Teachers by Angela Watson

Angela Watson releases a new episode every Sunday for teachers to get inspired for their upcoming week. This podcast is wildly popular among teachers – usually ranking int he top 3 K-12 podcasts on iTunes. Give this a listen for encouragement and real topics for today’s teacher. Check it out here.


The House of EdTech by Chris Nessi

As you may have guessed, this podcast is focused on education and technology. From apps to social media, to physical tech in the classroom, this podcast focuses on the impact technology makes in education – for teachers and students alike. Listen here if you want to learn the latest tools and ideas and keep up with the changes with your teacher tech tools.


Google Teacher Podcast

Everything you ever wanted to know about Google and its role in the classroom is here. This podcast actually ended in February 2021, but is still worth a listen. For teachers using Google Classroom it has tips, tricks, and best practices. It also includes ideas on using a wide variety of Google tools for education – so even if you aren’t a Google Classroom user, it’s worth a listen.

Art Ed Radio

This is a podcast created by and targeted to art teachers. Topics include comic art, using Art for SEL, teaching tips, and interviews with veteran art teachers. Though targeted to art teachers, the ideas here have many cross-curricular and collaborative applications.


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