Enhancing Your Educreations Experience

News on October 11 2014

I recently visited a school to support their new implementation of iPads and was very excited to show the teachers how to use Educreations, an iPad app and website for creating and recording video presentations. The idea was to have students create a short video to review one main topic they learned in their math classroom this year. It was a great plan, however, the teachers and I quickly learned that sometimes, one class period just isn’t long enough to create such an engaging presentation. One of the teachers asked, “Can’t I save a draft and return to edit it later?” I answered, “Unfortunately not,” and we had students close the iPad at the end of the period, just hoping that we could keep the application running without losing work! Consequently, I was so excited to learn that Educreations had read our minds with the recent updates to its iPad app. Educreations new features are designed to increase functionality, and encourage users to see the benefits of upgrading to a paid version with new accessibility features. Let’s compare the difference between Basic and Pro Classroom features, and explore some of the updated features.

1. Adding Content

Educreations introduced the Pro version of their program, which allows users to expand on the functionality of the app. At a cost of $99.99 per year for one teacher and 40 students, users have the ability to add additional content to their presentations, including videos, documents, presentations, web pages, and maps. This really enhances the experience by adding to the simple text and image functions available in the Basic version.

2. More Space to Save

The Pro version also gives users the ability to access Dropbox and Google Drive for content, and increases their storage capabilities to 2GB from the 50MB on the Basic version. In addition, one of my favorite features of Educreations Pro is the ability to save an unlimited number of drafts on your account. Teachers and students always have the ability to return to their work and continue recording for editing or completion. This is a benefit over the Basic plan, which only allows users to save one draft at a time.

Saving in the new Educreations Pro
Before exiting a video, users are prompted to save a draft of their work.

3. Sharing

Both plans have a great, new sharing system which allows teachers to create classes, and have students join with a group code to access and share presentations. The Pro version goes one step further, allowing users to export videos to YouTube or MP4 files.

Educreations class codes for sharing
Use a simple group code to share content with students.
Educreations feature comparisson
Use this chart to compare the difference between Basic and Pro plans available through Educreations.

Whether using Educreations as a tool to help flip your classroom, provide students with additional practice and support, or as a digital outlet for presenting material, it’s clear to see that these upgrades are beneficial to all users. Teachers and students can now use the Educreations app to its fullest potential, enhance their educational experience, and maximize functionality. As educators, we all know that one class period sometimes just is not enough! It’s clear that Educreations understands that too.

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