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Active Learning Spaces / Educational Technology / Grades 3-5 / Grades 6-8 / Grades 9-12 / Grades K-2 / Storage and Carts

The Tech Tub2® collection of storage and charging systems is designed to protect your classroom devices, and easily move them wherever learning takes place. With a variety of trolleys, carts, and easels available to stack and store your tubs, moving classroom devices has never been safer or simpler.

Flexible and Affordable
Tech Tubs is an affordable solution to store, charge, and sync Apple devices, most 11″ Chromebooks, and other tablets with or without cases.

Tech Tubs can be purchased individually and carried throughout a school or incorporated into trolleys , modular cart systems, and teaching easel configurations.

Dewey the Document Camera Stand is great tool for remote learning. Sets up quickly at your kitchen table and keeps your hands free for lessons and demonstrations.

Turn your devices, including your smartphones and iPads®, into a document camera by utilizing the camera app. The sturdy frame sets up quickly, mounts to surfaces and provides teachers and students with the opportunity to share work, ideas and anything else that inspires.