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We appreciate the hard work everyone has put in over the past months and hope we have helped contribute to your success. We’re happy to offer a discount on a purchase of OTIS for educators after a conversation with our team.

We would like to hear your success stories, set you up with playlists and courses for the remainder of the year, and discuss options for supporting teachers with this service next year. Just complete the form below and we will reach out to you to schedule a conversation.

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OTIS for educators

Spark learning with G Suite for Education

Whether you are the school’s G-Suite administrator or a teacher using Google’s tools to enable learning, OTIS for Educators has all of the PD you need to get started and keep current. With practical, easy-to-follow sessions that include “how-to-use” tips and lesson strategies, there is PD for beginners and advanced Google users.

G Suite: Google Hangout Meet & Chat Permissions

In this session we will walk through the process of setting permissions for Google Hangout Meets and Chats. This is beneficial for remote learning environments or where students can work outside of the physical classroom.

G Suite: Users, Groups & Organizational Units

In this PD session, we explain how to organize your G Suite users under your domain. The structure of our domain depends on who gets access to what apps, extensions and other things. An important step as a Google super admin.

Providing PBL Activities for Students at Home with Google Classroom

Interested in learning more about project-based learning (PBL)? In this PD session, we’ll use Google Classroom to explore creative, engaging, and authentic learning activities that your students can complete at home…

G Suite: Managing Buildings & Resources

When users in the Google domain need to check out equipment, reserve a room or technology cart, or schedule their students into a STEM lab, they will use Google Calendar. However, these resources need to be set up ahead of time by you…