Using Jamboard and Google Docs to Show Math Work

Robert Abraham
PD Account Manager / PD Specialist
News on May 18 2020

Many teachers are using Google Classroom to create assignments for their students during this period of digital and remote learning. Google Docs and Google Forms are effective methods of creating worksheets but some assignments require more than just simple answers. Math teachers for example, might need to see students work for solving the problem to understand and grade the work appropriately. This can be done by combining a Jamboard activity to see student work with a Google Doc to record the answers.

About Google Jamboard

Jamboard is an online interactive whiteboard with many features. It can easily be used by students to show their math work as they have access to pen tools. The teacher can post the math problem on a “sticky note” and the students can show their work and solve the problem right on the page. The Jamboard can have multiple pages for multiple math problems.

Now that we took a brief look at what Jamboard can do, let’s look at the steps for incorporating it into a Google Classroom Assignment.

How to incorporate Jamboard into a Google Classroom Assignment

  • Go to
  • Click the plus sign (“New Jam”) in the bottom right corner
  • Give your Jam a title in the upper left corner
  • Click on the sticky note icon in the menu on the left
  • Type your math problem in the sticky note and click “Save” when done
  • Resize and move the sticky note as needed
  • Optional – Create another sticky note for the answer
  • Click the right facing arrow on top of screen (Create Frame) to add another page
  • When you are done, close the tab. It is a Google app so it will automatically save the Jam in your Google Drive
  • Google Docs

    *Optional as students can answer in Jamboard but neater in Docs

  • Go to
  • Click on “Blank” to create a new document
  • Give your document a title in upper left corner
  • Create a basic answer sheet for students to record their answers
  • When you are done, close the tab. It is a Google app so it will automatically save the doc in your Google Drive
  • Google Classroom
  • Open Google Classroom and find your class
  • Go got the “Classwork” tab
  • Click “Create Assignment”
  • Title the assignment
  • Give detailed instructions to students about using Jamboard to show their work and recording the answers in the Google Doc
  • Add the Jamboard and Google Doc from your Google Drive (see image below). Make sure to set each one as “Make a copy” for each student
  • Assign
    Students will see the assignment, have the ability to open the Jam activity to do the work and then the Google Doc to input the answers. They will then turn in the two documents by clicking “Turn In.” Teachers will be able to open both completed documents and then give the student a grade.


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