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Catalogs on September 18 2023

The Teq you’re meeting today has come a long way from where we started as a small family business. Today, we’re innovating the entire learning experience by bringing all of the dynamic moving parts of education together into a complete thought.

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We start with the STEM technology that enables students to learn by doing, whether it’s robotics, 3D printers, or the tools to learn coding.

Then we offer iBlocks, our customized project-based learning content. iBlocks are built around your goals for your students, and crafted as a way to integrate technology and 21st century skills-building into curriculum.

With our online professional development tool, OTIS for educators, we formulate sessions that will boost technology skills and provide new ways to engage students and improve instruction.

We also provide the educational technology that enhances your classroom, from interactive displays, interactive playgrounds, and storage solutions, to the sound systems that ensure everyone hears – and is heard.

Finally, we provide the furnishings and equipment you’ll need for your ultimate learning experience, be it a classroom, active learning space, or makerspace.

Classroom transformation can begin at any time, because it starts with you.

The STEM products, interactive displays, and custom learning content we offer are just tools to support you. Your classroom is where the real innovation happens.

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