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The building blocks of better thinkers.

Cubelets are pre-programmed robot blocks that can be combined to build thousands of thought-provoking robots. There are 17 different types of Cubelets, each one having its own unique skill.
Flexibility with their design means that there is no wrong way to build with Cubelets!

Cubelets Mini Makers Pack

Creative Constructors Pack

Inspired Inventors Mega Pack

The Mini Makers Pack is the perfect way to jumpstart any learning environment and was designed for Pre-K and elementary school students.

Facilitating easy adoption of high-ceiling academic activities, the Creative Constructors is our favorite mix of Cubelets for the budget savvy educator.

Perfect for makerspaces, classrooms or libraries, this set is intended to give individual learners and teams the chance to deeply explore the high potential of Cubelets.

  • 54 SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelets
  • Brick Adapters
  • Storage
  • 5-port battery charger
  • 56 SENSE, THINK and ACT Cubelets
  • Brick Adapters
  • Storage
  • 5-port battery charger
  • 162 SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelets
  • Brick Adapters
  • Storage
  • Two 5-port chargers

Apps for your Robot

Apply computational thinking skills to traditional programming using these free apps to program your Cubelets.

A free coding environment powered by Blockly, a visual programming language from Google, this app combines syntax-free drag-and-drop programming with lesson tutorials, allowing students to add unique behaviors to their robots in no time.

Prefer the traditional approach to programming? With Cubelets Flash you can upload custom programs to any of your Cubelets by dragging and dropping C files.

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