Customer Testimonials

Below you will find a partial list of our customer testimonials, feel free to contact us for a full referral list.
Central Tech High School, Erie, PA

Students are asking teachers to teach them math as opposed to just having it forced on them by the teacher. Mike Beiter – Chair of the Computer Systems Department, Central Tech High School, Erie, PA

Presidental Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST)

We must prepare students so they have a strong foundation in STEM subjects and are able to use this knowledge in their personal and professional lives. [W]e must inspire students so that all are motivated to study STEM subjects in school and many are excited about the prospect of having careers in STEM fields. John P. Holdren & Eric Lander – Presidental Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST)

Staton Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV

Great product. It really helps get students engaged with the subject area and keeps them on task. For teachers looking to add longevity to their careers, I could definitely see your system adding years by helping to save your voice and increasing decibel level for when we get older and don’t have the same level of energy or volume to our voice, but still have the passion, along with more knowledge and more skill with which to teach the kid’s. John Bahr, Phys Ed Dept, Staton Elementary School, Las Vegas


You can curl up with your laptop and seek out training that matters to you. Scholastic Instructor recently ran a four page article on the effectiveness of online PD

Bessie Weller Elementary School, Staunton, VA

This system is AMAZING! Not only was my class totally with me for the whole day, but kids who normally don’t speak up in class were raising their hands to use the microphone. Their answers were thoughtful and the class was able to hear every word!-Nicole Barbano, Assistant Principal

Fallbrook Union Elementary School District, CA

All of my students are benefiting enormously from being able to hear everything clearly. There is no “back of the room” anymore. Ashley, Teacher, La Paloma Elementary School, Fallbrook Union Elementary School District, CA

Newport School District, Rhode Island

It gave me a lot of courage knowing that I could go in and start using the SMART Board right away. Pamela Hill – Teacher, Newport School District, Rhode Island

Research Supports Collaborative Learning, Edutopia 2012

When compared to more traditional methods, cooperative, problem-based learning has been shown to improve student engagement and retention of classroom material. Research Supports Collaborative Learning, Edutopia 2012

Eagle Valley Middle School

I LOVE my omni directional mic, I use it every day, every class! Not only does my voice reach every student in the room, I can add emphasis on certain words or phrases by whispering them (and they can still hear me) or by using a deep voice. I can even tap on the mic to get their attention or make patterns in sound to have them move around the room or switch partners. It is a great way to signal without yelling over the discussion the students are having. Bonnie Preston, Health 6, 7, 8th Grades, Eagle Valley Middle School

Randolph Township, NJ

Teq gets training right. They provide training for teachers so that they are able to get past the ‘gee-wiz’ aspect of any technology and really use it.Dr. David Brown, Superintendent of Schools, Randolph Township, NJ