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The Radix Endeavor-A New STEM Experience
October 8, 2015

Developed by MIT and backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, The Radix Endeavor is "designed to develop an immersive virtual learning experience supporting high school math and biology instruction." Read More

Diving Deep with Ocearch
May 11, 2015

As a former teacher, I’m always on the hunt for ways to take advantage of things kids like in order to increase engagement. If educators can repurpose real-world contexts to make subjects like math and science seem more appealing, we definitely should! Kid’s passions are important, and our curriculum should help foster those passions as […] Read More

A Sad Goodbye to Infuse Learning — What Now?
February 13, 2015

If you are working with a mobile assessment initiative in your classroom or school, it is important to be sure that you have a well-developed platform that can help support your needs. Without Infuse Learning as an option, you may wondering "what do I do now?" Be sure to use some of our resources to help you locate a good fit for teachers and students. Read More

Creating Division Symbols in your SMART Notebook Software
February 5, 2015

If you are trying to create some of your own content in SMART Notebook, you may need the correct division symbol to write your practice examples. Depending on the grade level you work with, you have various ways to model and discuss the division of terms. Whether using a fraction bar, division symbol, or a long division house, there are easy options to add these into your SMART Notebook software. Read More

Improve Math Skills with SMART Number Cruncher
April 11, 2014

Looking for a free software to help improve your student’s math skills? Well, look no further, you can use SMART Number Cruncher  Log in to the SMART Exchange website to download the software for free. As the teacher, you are able to pick either addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division type of questions. You are even […] Read More

Pi Day 2014
March 11, 2014

Pi is an extremely interesting number, and the day to celebrate it is March 14th. The continuing pop culture references to Pi are evidence of the love people have for Math, and Math’s most widely known constant. Author of the Life of Pi, Yann Martel, said this of his choice of the name “Pi” for […] Read More

Elephants and Ice Skates
February 21, 2014

Here’s an idea for PBL that a high school class may enjoy. Which case would apply more pressure on a floor — an elephant standing on its hind legs or an Olympic figure skater standing on both skates? The imagery is startling and almost comical — perfect for an inquisitive teenager busy analyzing the surrounding […] Read More

Singapore Math Resources from EngageNY
February 11, 2014

Number Bonds are a crucial component of early Singapore Math programs.  Number Bonds consist of a minimum of 3 circles connected with lines, and they provide a pictorial representation of part-part-whole relationships. A child who knows this bond should be able to immediately fill in any one of these three numbers if it was missing, […] Read More

Math + Games = Mangahigh!
January 8, 2014

As a 4th grade math teacher, I was always looking for fun and engaging ways for my students to practice the skills they were learning in class.  I would spend hours searching online for games that I could put up on my interactive whiteboard to break up the usual classroom routine. When I discovered Mangahigh, […] Read More