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Easy Infographics with Piktochart
November 30, 2015

fographics are great ways to present important information in a visually appealing way, and there are a number of web resources that can make the process of creating them quite simple. Piktochart is one of the websites which provides various, user friendly templates that can be customized for any topic. Read More

Science Made Simple with Labdisc
October 23, 2015

Learn about our new favorite tool for the science classroom, LabDisc. LabDisc is an all-in-one sensor, designed for the easy collection and analysis of multiple kinds of data. The hardware itself is simple: using the disc alone, students have immediate access to a huge variety of data types, such as temperature, distance, moisture, pH, volume and light. Read More

A Sad Goodbye to Infuse Learning — What Now?
February 13, 2015

If you are working with a mobile assessment initiative in your classroom or school, it is important to be sure that you have a well-developed platform that can help support your needs. Without Infuse Learning as an option, you may wondering "what do I do now?" Be sure to use some of our resources to help you locate a good fit for teachers and students. Read More

Creating Division Symbols in your SMART Notebook Software
February 5, 2015

If you are trying to create some of your own content in SMART Notebook, you may need the correct division symbol to write your practice examples. Depending on the grade level you work with, you have various ways to model and discuss the division of terms. Whether using a fraction bar, division symbol, or a long division house, there are easy options to add these into your SMART Notebook software. Read More

Your Guide to Chromebooks [New eBook]
January 20, 2015

Google’s Chromebook is making a huge splash in education, but is it the right tool for you? Cost-effective and easy-to-use, learn how the Chromebook can become your new favorite tool. Download our free eBook, Your Guide to Chromebooks and learn What is a Chromebook? How are Chromebooks used for education? What are Chrome Web Apps? […] Read More

Google, Geogebra, & Educreations in January on Teq Online PD
December 26, 2014

This January, check out these great courses and more!  Google Drive, Part 1: Organization & Storage Learn how to use Google Drive as a cloud storage solution. See how to organize your files for easy access, upload new files to the drive, convert existing content from other common applications, and upload and store even more […] Read More

NYC Schools Support Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks
November 25, 2014

In a recent announcement, the New York City Department of Education has added Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks to their list of approved and supported tools for learning in the NYC schools. The decision was in large part based on the fact that many of the NYC schools had already integrated these learning tools […] Read More

How to Find the Best Classroom Solutions!
September 25, 2014

Sometimes all you have to do to find the best classroom solutions is to turn to a fellow educator. This chart, created by educator Charlie Wierzbicki (@Poeteacher), highlights how you can use some of our favorite classroom resources like Edmodo, Evernote, and Google Forms, to address the needs of your classroom. TechUseGuide quick sheet @Poeteacher […] Read More

Download a September Calendar for Teq Online PD
September 9, 2014

Download a September calendar for Teq Online PD! Check out all of the courses for this month, and click here if you’d like to be contacted about a subscription. Here are some of the classes you can look forward to: Close Reading in the High School ELA Classroom Enhance the way students understand close reading with little-known web, tablet, […] Read More

5 Exciting Technologies for Back-to-School
September 6, 2014

Here at Teq, we are so excited about our new Technology Integration Catalog! These are 5 exciting technologies grabbing the attention of our PD specialists this back-to-school season! 1. Teq Unlimited Combining the power of Teq Online PD, SMART Notebook™ 14, SMART Notebook Advantage, and SMART amp™ collaborative learning platform, this student- and teacher-centric solution is the […] Read More

Things to Consider Before Flipping Your Classroom (A Guest Blog)
September 5, 2014

Earlier this week, we introduced a pair of teachers that have been working on a flipped model of the classroom. They’re back to share some key items to keep in mind that they’ve learned over the past year. Creating Your First Classroom in the Cloud The back to school time is quickly approaching, which often […] Read More

The Flipped Classroom – A Guest Blog Spot
September 2, 2014

Welcome back everyone! It has been an incredibly productive summer here at Teq. We launched our new studio only a few weeks ago, and we had a few additions and changes to our team. To kick off the school year, we’re bringing in a few guest bloggers to share their view on a topic we […] Read More

5 Reasons to Learn with a Teq Online PD Summer Pass
July 1, 2014

Congratulations! You’ve made it through another year! But it’s only a matter of time until you’re back in preparation mode again. This summer, get a head start and join our team of professional development specialists as we present our top 5 reasons why you should sign up for Teq’s online PD today! Use the promo […] Read More

Playlists aren’t just for music anymore
June 27, 2014

In the age of internet-connected devices and “e” everything, there exists a high need for solutions to manage our educational content and resources. Most likely, you have playlists of songs in your iTunes library, or perhaps you’ve got the entire season of Breaking Bad recorded on your DVR. Either way, the goal is to centralize […] Read More

Can You Hear Me Now? Supporting Learners with Audio Resources from Chirbit
June 4, 2014

Creating and making use of audio files has become a way of life for many of us ever since the first iPod and the beginnings of the iTunes store. There are a number of ways that our students make use of audio files. As consumers of audio, students can benefit if they have a preference […] Read More

Improved Reading with Readability for Chrome
May 29, 2014

One of the things that strikes me first when visiting a webpage to read an article is the amount of “stuff” on the page — popup surveys, links to other articles, advertisements, links to social media, and more. I also wonder what these pages look like to a student with reading disabilities or to a […] Read More

3D Figures and Architecture: Teq Calendar Lesson for May
May 20, 2014

This lesson was created for middle school Math and will focus on the use of geometric concepts in architecture, with a specific focus on geodesic domes. Students will develop a plan for finding the surface area of three-dimensional figures by applying their knowledge of congruent faces and area formulas of the polygons that make up […] Read More

Read&Write for Google Supports All Learners
May 19, 2014

In our classrooms, we have a wide variety of learning styles and needs. Read&Write for Google is a Chrome browser extension that can support your students’ work in Google Docs, on the Web and in PDF documents. Getting started is easy. Open the Chrome web browser and go to the Chrome Web Store to install […] Read More

Dude! Where’s My File?
May 12, 2014

Saving a file is one of those skills that, once you learn and understand, you will be able to use over and over again, no matter what program you’re using. The process of saving is extremely straightforward but, if you don’t know where things are going when you save them, it can be a bit […] Read More

An Earth Day Approach to Classroom Technology Use
April 22, 2014

It’s hard to believe that Earth Day will be 44 years old this year. Back then, we couldn’t have envisioned the types of technology that we have now at our fingertips and in our pockets or the access we have to a growing number of people and resources that support the instructional use of technology. […] Read More

Improve Math Skills with SMART Number Cruncher
April 11, 2014

Looking for a free software to help improve your student’s math skills? Well, look no further, you can use SMART Number Cruncher  Log in to the SMART Exchange website to download the software for free. As the teacher, you are able to pick either addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division type of questions. You are even […] Read More

5 Tools for Interaction in the Lesson Activity Toolkit
April 7, 2014

In a previous blog post, we pointed out a few examples from the Activities folder in the Lesson Activity Toolkit that can help provide immediate feedback to the learners in your classroom.  In addition to the Activities, there is a folder labeled Tools that contains a number of Flash objects that can be added to […] Read More

Help Your Students Become SMART Spellers
March 31, 2014

SMART Speller is a fun and interactive way for students to improve their literacy skills. Available for free to SMART customers who use a PC, this software can be used during a lesson while connected to a SMART Board. (Logging in to the SMART Exchange is required before downloading the software.  If you don’t already […] Read More

Short and Sweet: URL Shorteners Made Easy
March 25, 2014

We all like to share the great things we find on the web. But, sometimes a website’s address or URL is so long and complicated that it’s not easily remembered or shared. That’s where URL shorteners come in. Why do we shorten URL’s? We shorten URL’s basically because we like to share what we’ve found […] Read More

The “Magic” of SMART Boards: How Touch Technology Works
March 20, 2014

Many of us use touch technology everyday, whether it be on our smartphones or SMART Boards. Some of us have gotten so used to screens responding to our commands that we instinctively touch all screens expecting to get a reaction. Although touch screens are an extremely widely used part of technology, much like coding, few […] Read More

3 Easy Steps to Extreme Collaboration
March 7, 2014

As we design learning experiences for our students, one of our most important goals is to make sure that students are actively engaged in the learning.  Extreme Collaboration is an add-on to any version of SMART Notebook 11 that promotes active engagement during your lessons. There have been some changes recently that allow you to […] Read More

Instructional Videos Made Easy with SMART Recorder
March 3, 2014

As educators, we’ve been using videos for years in our instruction, but mainly, those videos have been produced by someone else.  In recent years, creating videos has become a passion for many educators who want to embed the use of self-produced rich media into their instructional practices.  We see evidence of this in the flipped […] Read More

5 Ways to Get Feedback Using the SMART Lesson Activity Toolkit
February 26, 2014

As learners, we like to know when we’re on the right track and where we need to focus in order to improve our skills and understandings. As teachers, we help students learn by providing feedback. The more quickly students receive feedback when performing any task, the better chance that feedback can influence future learning or […] Read More

QR Codes for Learning on Digital Learning Day
February 3, 2014

QR codes are going to be integrated in many events that are being planned for Digital Learning Day.  Many teachers are using these two-dimensional codes as a learning tool in the classroom.  To use QR Codes, you need to have a tool to create them and a tool to read them using a mobile device. […] Read More

Google Lit Trips: Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
January 16, 2014

“But, how do you know if an ending is truly good for the characters unless you traveled with them through every page?” – Shannon Hale, Midnight in Austenland If only the character in Shannon Hale’s novel had heard about Google Lit Trips, she would have known that this is, in fact, possible! Google Lit Trips […] Read More

6 Things We Learned about InstaGrok
January 14, 2014

Recently we covered InstaGrok in our Wednesday webinar series. Here are a few things we learned about InstaGrok during the webinar. 1. More than a Google Search In the words of InstaGrok’s founders, their platform is more than a Google Search. With dynamic visual results, a grok gives a student a great visual representation of […] Read More

Save Paper with Clean Print
January 13, 2014

Printing from web sites has always been a tricky endeavour. Scrap paper bins by many printers are filled with ad-riddled wasted paper.  Asking permission before printing from a web site was one of my rules in my middle school computer lab and many computer teachers ban printing in the lab altogether.  A recent visit to […] Read More

Homework in the House of a Teq Trainer
January 10, 2014

I have long espoused that digital technology should be less a vehicle by which teachers may deliver content but a tool by which students may learn. My son, in second grade, is a very tactile and concrete learner.  He had quickly learned to despise homework and would refuse to complete it and, once the damage […] Read More

Math + Games = Mangahigh!
January 8, 2014

As a 4th grade math teacher, I was always looking for fun and engaging ways for my students to practice the skills they were learning in class.  I would spend hours searching online for games that I could put up on my interactive whiteboard to break up the usual classroom routine. When I discovered Mangahigh, […] Read More