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Introducing Screencastify Submit for Student Video
July 7, 2020

As you work with your students in your remote classroom, video responses are a fun and unique way to help students verbalize what they know, what they’ve figured out, and what connections they’ve made. In combination with written work and projects, students can submit videos of progress and make presentations for the class. Welcome to […] Read More

Increase Productivity From Home with These Windows 10 Tricks
July 6, 2020

Working from home can be a stressful experience for many of us. Some are using work computers they are not familiar with while others are using home computers that don’t contain all of their work documents. Here are some tricks for Windows 10 computers that should help make your experience a little less stressful. Take […] Read More

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your SMART Board and Flat Panel Display
July 1, 2020

As a Professional Development specialist here at Teq, I am most often asked by teachers, especially now, “How do I clean and/or disinfect a SMART Board or flat panel display and the accessories?” This question will be posed frequently by teachers prior to this September and beyond. However, the procedure is uncomplicated and not time-consuming, […] Read More

Build a Remote Community with Bitmoji Classrooms
May 29, 2020

A major challenge of remote teaching is losing the inherent value of the classroom as a place of learning. Teachers spend countless hours shaping their classrooms into ideal spaces, with different stations and areas for specific purposes. Something many teachers have begun doing to recapture this feeling is create classrooms on Google Slides or Microsoft […] Read More

Read-Aloud Resources for Students and Teachers
May 28, 2020

In these times of remote learning, it comes as no surprise that books and literature have become digital too. Nothing will replace the personal interaction and intimacy of reading to a student (or in my opinion, the hard copy of a book), but the following websites and resources offer an excellent alternative. The best part is — […] Read More

Triangle Offense with Sphero
May 27, 2020

Although I love being active, I am not what one would call a sports fan. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good sports documentary, and if you’re up on pop culture, you may have heard about ESPN’s The Last Dance. The Last Dance chronicles the final season of the historic Chicago Bulls team […] Read More

The ZoomIt Tool for Presentations
May 21, 2020

Teachers can use a fantastic free tool on their Windows PC while presenting. It’s called the ZoomIt tool, and with it, we can zoom in on certain content on our computer screen, use ink annotation tools, and draw straight lines or arrows to help our students and audience focus on what we want to emphasize. […] Read More

Using the Draw Tool in Microsoft OneNote for Math
May 19, 2020

Throughout my time as a PD specialist I have frequently trained teachers in the Google, Microsoft, and Apple learning suites. One of the most common questions I am asked is which one I think is the best. My honest answer is that all three have their strengths and weaknesses. However, all three are best leveraged […] Read More

Using Jamboard and Google Docs to Show Math Work
May 18, 2020

Many teachers are using Google Classroom to create assignments for their students during this period of digital and remote learning. Google Docs and Google Forms are effective methods of creating worksheets but some assignments require more than just simple answers. Math teachers for example, might need to see students work for solving the problem to […] Read More

Google Classroom and Physical Education
May 13, 2020

Physical education remains an important part of a student’s education, even if they’re learning remotely. Students might be tempted to become sedentary while at home, but with these tips and tricks for using Google Classroom for PE you can keep them engaged, healthy, and moving. Post Videos These can be videos of a specific sport […] Read More

Maze Making for Math Measurements and Logic with Robots
May 12, 2020

Logic, mazes…. and robots? On a recent visit to the National Museum of Mathematics in New York City, I watched a group of students try to navigate a logic maze by Roger Abbott. The maze was designed in such a way that students were meant to follow along the path and reach the endpoint while […] Read More

Watch a YouTube Video in Another Language with Subtit
May 11, 2020

What is Subtit? Subtit is a video translation tool, accessible through a web app or Chrome extension, that is used to dub-over a YouTube video in another language. This can be useful if you have students who are in the process of acquiring English and you are assigning a task that involves them watching a […] Read More

Jamming with Google’s Jamboard
May 8, 2020

Introducing Jamboard Jamboard in G Suite is Google’s collaborative whiteboard software. Originally made to use with Google’s physical interactive whiteboard, Jamboard software is a great tool for teachers looking for remote learning solutions that will allow students to work collaboratively in a space that is less structured than Google Docs or Slides. A Jamboard virtual […] Read More

Virtual Museum Trips Around the World
May 7, 2020

Visiting a museum is a wonderful and enriching experience. However, when it is not possible to visit the actual museum, there are other options available. Most institutions offer a virtual experience for people to explore. Here is a list of some great virtual experiences for your students to visit while they are at home. British […] Read More

ReadWorks: A Distance Learning Platform for Reading Comprehension

Although ReadWorks can be used in a traditional classroom setting as a print source for texts and materials, it is also a very powerful distance learning platform. Teachers can leverage the reading material with question sets, eBooks, and vocabulary development to create high-impact instruction. It’s also free for both teachers and students. Getting started with ReadWorks […] Read More

Editable PDF and Whiteboard Notes with Office Lens
May 6, 2020

How do students and teachers capture document pages and whiteboard notes on their mobile devices? By taking a picture or scan of it, right? But once you get the picture of the notes and send it to yourself or someone else, can you edit it? Can you make changes or update it? The typical process […] Read More

Biography Report Alternative with Bloxels
May 4, 2020

There is a lot of merit in having students write research papers. Through the process, students learn to form and express ideas, evaluate source material, support thesis statements with research, and so on. But writing papers is not for every student, nor is the practice of traditional essay writing necessarily applicable in many students’ post-education […] Read More

Chrome Extensions to Benefit Your Google Meet

With the advent of the work from home (WFH) life we are living, having meetings with staff and students can be a bit daunting. Using Google Meet to create a virtual version of face-to-face time with your students has filled that void of seeing their lovely faces in the classroom. But for those of us […] Read More

Online Teaching Resources for Spotting Misleading Media
May 1, 2020

Broadly speaking, American educators have three primary purposes: to provide students with professional skills to make them competitive in the workforce, to enrich the minds of students through a well-rounded education, and to engender the civic competencies needed for students to be educated voters and engaged citizens. Since at least the introduction of the “New […] Read More

Apps to Support Mental Wellness for Students
April 30, 2020

Mental health wellness is important As we make the transition into remote learning, it’s important to shed some light on mental health and wellness. As teachers, we always had a part in our students mental health due to spending face-to-face time with them day in and day out. How do we do that now? How […] Read More

How to Separate Large PDF Files into Smaller Documents
April 29, 2020

In this time of remote learning, teachers are working daily to provide meaningful work to their students. Many create documents, but some are looking for ready-made documents on popular sites such as Teacher Pay Teacher, Pinterest, or taking resources from online textbooks. Most of these documents are in PDF form and some contain multiple pages, […] Read More

Remote Learning: Administrator Strategies
April 28, 2020

With schools making the choice to continue distance learning through the end of the school year, Teq’s Chief Learning Officer and former Superintendent, Robert Wayne Harris, and Teq’s Director of eLearning, Joseph Sanfilippo have been sharing their top strategies and tips to keep your teachers and students thriving during this time. Identify a Team of […] Read More

Social-Emotional Learning While Teaching Remotely
April 27, 2020

Transitioning to remote/distance learning is a major adjustment for students. The change of learning environment, interruption of schedule, and lack of in-person social interactions with their teachers and peers can take its toll. But social-emotional learning (or SEL) activities can help in such a transition and can be key to a successful educational experience, no […] Read More

3D Printing Initiatives to Support COVID-19 Response
April 24, 2020

3D printing has been identified as an important resource for bridging the production gap for equipment needed to protect healthcare workers fighting on the front lines to stop coronavirus. We have seen the entire 3D printing community step up to help increase the production of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face shields, N95 respirator […] Read More

10 Tips for Transitioning into Remote Learning With Your Child
April 23, 2020

We have entered a time where remote learning has become necessary in order to keep our world safe. For some, this will come as second nature, but for others, it might be a challenge. This is true for teachers, students, and families alike. Below, I’ve provided some tips to help support you and your child […] Read More

Google Classroom Resource Roundup
April 17, 2020

Google Classroom is an excellent tool for #distancelearning, and Teq has all the information you need to become a master of the platform. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite #GoogleClassroom OTIS resources to show you how to use the Google Classroom for instruction with your students whether you’re physically in the classroom or communicating […] Read More

Parent and Guardian Communication During Remote Learning
April 16, 2020

Before anything else, parents, please step out of the room. I’ll wait… yes, you too. Okay, it’s just us now. Remote teaching has presented several new challenges and realities for educators. One consistent issue has been managing communication with the parents and guardians of students. Friends of mine who are still working in schools have […] Read More

Communicating with Parents Using Google Voice
April 15, 2020

Communication during remote learning During this time of distance learning, communication between teachers and parents can be difficult, but having that connection is so very important. There are many different ways of communication happening at once, like emails, chats, online individual and group meetings, that it can be overwhelming. This is especially true for parents […] Read More

Creating a Google Meet for Classes within Google Classroom
April 14, 2020

Google Classroom has a great new feature with remote learning in mind. Now, educators can set up a Google Meet from within Google Classroom. You will no longer need to create a separate Meet and then go through the process of sharing it to your class. Let’s take a look at how to set it […] Read More

Get Started with Microsoft Teams for Distance Learning
April 8, 2020

Looking for a secure place to remotely meet with your students? Microsoft Teams is an excellent and safe solution for that. Available via Office 365, Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming a favorite for many teachers for distance learning. If you’re new with this platform, we rounded up our favorite OTIS PD resources to help get […] Read More

Productive Teacher Activities During Down Time
April 6, 2020

As most educators know, there is rarely any down time during the school day. In addition to seeing students, papers must be graded, assignments prepared, rooms cleaned, bulletin boards created, and more. Most teachers arrive early, leave late, and work weekends just to try and catch up. However, during this strange time in education, there […] Read More

Google Classroom for Non-G Suite Schools
April 3, 2020

During this time of mass remote learning, there are many institutions that do not utilize LMS-like platforms like G Suite for Education or Microsoft 365. For the teachers in these districts, you can still start your own Google Classroom and get your students going with remote learning using this platform. You can have a Google […] Read More

Differentiation Strategies for Remote Teaching
March 30, 2020

Special ed and targeted supports As litigious and technical as it can be, at its heart, special education is an art form. A good special education teacher can cut a path to understanding with the students they are working with through a combination of creativity, resourcefulness, and a strong understanding of the unique learning needs […] Read More

Using Pre-Created Content for Remote Learning with SMART Learning Suite Online

As many of you enter another week of distance learning, you may be wondering how to adapt the lesson materials you already prepared for the year. Luckily, there are wonderful (and free) resources available that can help. SMART Learning Suite Online for distance learning SMART Technologies has made SMART Learning Suite Online (SLSO) free for […] Read More

Using Google Meet for Distance Learning
March 27, 2020

There is no denying it—we are in uncharted waters. For many, this pandemic has led to a sudden upending the way we teach, and for those with little to no experience with distance learning, navigating this can be overwhelming. But if we are to find a silver lining in this, we are lucky to have […] Read More

Using Originality Reports and Rubrics in Google Classroom
March 23, 2020

Originality reports and rubrics are two new features that are now be available to all users of G-Suite for Education! That means you can now take full advantage of these tools while evaluating the assignments you push out to your students in Google Classroom. Let’s take a closer look at what these tools are and […] Read More